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The Fast Lane

Tumbl Me

11.14.2009 by Dizzy♥

Revived it from the dead as well.

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Eyeliner & Cigarettes

11.12.2009 by Dizzy♥

JK on the cigarettes part. Ciggy's = Ash tray kissez. lol

So, def poppin' the top on my Pineapple Smirnoff tonite wit the gurliez. Then, nite cap with the hubby to start my weekend off ;-) (wink wink)

  • Jade eyeshadow w/ Mac Fluidline eyeliner ~ heavy: ✓
  • Pineapple smirnoff & pineapple juice: ✓
  • Black & lighter (LOL'z): ✓
  • Mag'z ;-p : ✓
  • Anticipation on heavy rotation: ✓
  • Post-mag'z text messages (probably to deuce): ✓
  • Hoping the bestie doesn't see the remnants tomorrow afternoon: errr, to be continued..........
'Til lata luvs!

Bad Jawns & Money

11.11.2009 by Dizzy♥

That's what one of my distant friend's status on FB was. Lmao Nothing else, just.... "bad jawns and money". And we're the same age if he's not older (21, college senior)

I guess this is all anybody needs anymore rite? Lmao, smh.....joke.

Comments-Thingy Fixed

by Dizzy♥

Not sure if anyone was trying to leave me comments besides the bestie (HAHA!), but I THINK I fixed it so you now can. (hopefully!)


Omarion Gets It In

11.10.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, the video droppped. Thought it was cute. Me being a fellow dancer, I'm feelin' some of his choreography. =) Enjoy.

Make It Sooner Than Later

11.09.2009 by Dizzy♥

Some time last week. 12:30 am

Deuce: hey
Dizzy: hey loser
Deuce: wats up
Dizzy: nothin much jus chillin. wat u up to?
Deuce: chillin watchin a movie wit claire and whitney
Dizzy: aww! tell them i said hi
Deuce: claire is in the bathroom whitney said hi and *deuce* said he misses u
Dizzy: ....... i miss u too
Deuce: =)

I got a hubby but......
I miss you too.

* = not his real name

BeautyBook: Skittles =)

by Dizzy♥

So, I was bored last night b4 dance rehearsal so I decided to try this rainbow look>. Survey says: Luvs it! Hence the same photo to the right. But I doubt I'll be wearing it out anytime - DEF. a summer look - preferably the beach.

Anywayz, to create this look, use:
1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer

2. For the inner eye, use the pink shade from the Pop Beauty 'Day to Night' clutch palette, shown here.

3. Next shade to the left is the orange shade from Cover Girl Eyeshadow Quad in Tropical Fusion.

4. Next shade to left is Urb from Urban Decay (it's a really light, glittery green, hard to see in this pic).

5. Finish out with the lightest blue shade from the Pop Beauty 'Day to Night' clutch again.

Oh, and the colors are placed on BOTH the upper and lower lids. Enjoy!

So, How Bad Do You Want It?

by Dizzy♥

Hi luvs! I apologize for the brief hiatus. Anyway.....

Not sure how late I am on this but, my sisters just told me about this this past weekend.

This young man is Donnie Wade II and late last month, he sadly passed out and died while going thru his process for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc at Prarie A&M in TX. The full article is here.

In no means am I splashing the frat - (the article is published online for everyone to see). I just felt the need to shed some additional light to the situation, since I'm sure there are others who didn't know, including me.

This is when ppl seriously need to get a grip. I really thought after the AKA incident in Cali, Divine 9 orgs would be more conscious of things.  And they probably have been for the most part. But clearly not entirely. Granted, most ppl who wish to become a part of the org want it really bad - and have to prove just how much before they are offered the opportunity. But, little "incidents" like this ^   .......................... should NEVER be a factor.