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The Fast Lane


1.27.2009 by Dizzy♥

So we proceed.....

La cara:

1. BonneBell Glimmer Bronze in Gold 'N' Glitz/ Scintillant (more of an all-over deep bronzer)

2. Becca Compact Concealer in Pecan (unfortunately Becca has been discontinued, too bad cause this matches my skin tone EXACTLY, if you can find it - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for African-American shades)

3. Cover Girl Natural Hue Minerals Pressed Powder in Light Bronze 2 (mineral foundation, great for the skin, a little dark for me but stil do-able, but I don't recommend powder in the drying winter conditions)

4. Sephora Hydrating & Smoothing Liquid Foundation in D40 (posted this a while back, very smooth and doesn't make my skin oily, which I'm prone to have, SPF 10 for those who care, beautiful soft finish)

5. Revlon Pinch Me Cheek Stain in Plum Flushed (don't be scared by the dark shade, comes out very natural on medium-brown skin, very light texture)
6. Flirt! Sheer Powder Cheek Color in 04 Dapple Apple (good for a real faint looking blush, light peachy-pink shade)


1. Cover Girl Exact Eyelights in Black Gold ( see Beauty Book V)
2. Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara (posted before, thick, full brush produces thick, full lashes, loves it!)

3. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (the infamous, curls up even my bone-straight lashes)
4. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer (posted before, cream eye shadow primer that really lets your shadow last ALL day, non- creasing)

1. pic of the Lash Injection brush

2. N.Y.C. Liquid Eyeliner in Jet Black (perfect, skinny brush for easy control, a lil thin formula but you can always go back over)

My pic was gat, so stole one from the net.
This is Too Faced Mood Swing Lip Gloss ~ starting to notice a fav. brand yet? (similar to Smashbox O-Gloss, starts off clear then starts to change from a range of pale to deep pink according to your "moods". Moreso your body temp. I presume. Cute concept tho ;-)

So cute. This is a travel-size eye makeup remover from Target. Very clean formula, non-oily and has a fresh Dove-like scent.


Pic of the Everyday Makeup Bag.
Hope you liked! Muah!


by Dizzy♥

As we continue............

Los labios:

1. Smashbox Lipgloss in Afterglo (cute, peach-y color)
2. Tarte Lipgloss Duo in Tarzan & Jane (one end is a toffee brown and the other, a dark, clear gold shimmer)
3. Revlon Get Glossy Lip Palette in Twinkling Pinks (reminds me of lipstick shades, I strictly use this for dance shows cause of the bold colors)
4. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (hint of peppermint, very soothing, however no shine)
5. C.O. Bigelow Strawberry Sundae Mentha Lip Shine (light clear pink shimmer, hint of mint, VERY VERY SWEET)
6. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss in Red Delicious (clear red shimmery gloss, smells just like apples)
7. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss in Honey Do (clear coral shimmery gloss, smells just like melon)
8. BonneBell Lip Smackers Roll-On Lip Shine in Merry Melon (THROWBACK! crystal clear thin gloss with watermelon scent (and taste, lmao!))
9. Cover Girl WetSlicks AmazeMint in Freedom of Peach (not really a peach shade, more like a flesh-toned pink, with a strong dose of peppermint oil; long-lasting)
10. Sephora Lipgloss in Pink-O-Lada (I believe) (gorgeous summer peach shade with hint of gold shimmer)
11. Too Faced Lip Injection (clear lip plumper, indeed tingly, a lil on the thick side)
12. Sugar Freshen Up Gloss (minty gloss - reminds me of dinner mints, on the thin side)
13. Forever 21 Lipgloss in Light Brown (I believe) (cheap find that works JUST like all the expensive ones, pretty nude/natural color)
14. Flirt! Squeeze Me Lipgloss in Fruitalicious (beautiful peachy-pink shade, watermelon scent)
15. Hard Candy Sweet Spot in Bohemian (dark gold gloss, w/ sweet, orange blossom scent)
16. Sephora Fresh Gloss (pale clear pink gloss w/ mint, very small tho, ideal for after coffee)
17. Smith's Minted Rosebud Lip Balm (ROOMIE FAVORITE! Conditioning lip balm w/ peppermint & rose oils. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)


by Dizzy♥

So, this is my 2nd installment that is the Beauty Book; my little section where I discuss all things beauty cuz this blog wouldn't be complete without it.

So, I decided to share my makeup collection with all of you this time around. It needs to grow actually. But hey, I'm getting there.

Starting with los ojos:

These are all my shadows. In numerical order:
1. Wet 'N' Wild Ultimate Expressions in Sand Castle (the browns & golds are BEAUTIFUL w/ my complexion)
2. Too Faced Shimmer Veils in Angel Hair (another pretty gold, but virtually almost pure glitter)
3. Nicka Absolute! Eyeshadow in ABES22 (okay from the beauty supply store, I believe I wore this for prom, my dress was a very similar Tiffany's blue shade)
4. Maybelline ExpertWear Eyeshadow in Electric Blue (an even bolder Tiffany's blue)
5. Bare Minerals Glimmer shadow in Sex Kitten (bronze-y)
6. Bare Minerals Glimmer shadow in Celestine (a beautiful dark silver w/a hint of pale pink)
7. BonneBell Eyeshadow in Café Classics (various browns, good for a smokey eye)
8. BonneBell Eyeshadow in Girlie Pinks (combo of pinks, a shimmery white & fuschia)
9. Sephora Eyeshadow in Strass (a shimmering green with flecks of gold)
10. Arissa Eyeshadow in Romance (duo w/ lilac & lavender shades)
11. Sephora Eyeshadown in Mat (pure black, extremely bold)
12. E.L.F. Brightening Eye Color in Drama (another smokey palette w/ black, dark gray, light grey & white)
13. L'Oreal H.I.P. Shadow Duo in Spirited (a bold ocean blue & navy blue)
14. L'Oreal H.I.P. Shadow Duo in Lively (a pale gold & dark green)
15. L'Oreal H.I.P. Shadow Duo in Rascal ( a girly pink and denim blue - reminds me of bubblegum)
16. Revlon Creme Shadow in Not Just Nudes (very neutral looking)

"But Now I'm Hot & Baybee U Gon' Get It"

1.26.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, R.P.D.C. rehearsals started last nite (Rutgers Performing Dance Company, that is) and I'm so excited. My first one was an advanced jazz dance to "Breakin' Dishes" by Rihanna and I believe we're also gonna do "Bad Girl" by Danity Kane. "Advanced" isn't the word. But it's nothing I can't handle..... you know, just your standard axle turns, double pirouettes, triple pirouettes, extensions, fouettes, front leaps, switch leaps..... ;-) Oh yeah, DEF. landed wrong trying to do my side leap (came down on my 4th and pinky toe on my left foot). I walked out the gym with swollen toes and all. Lol. It's so ironic I ended last semester with RPDC with an injury (a SERIOUS pulled hamstring) and I start off this semester with another one. Not to mention I must be out of shape cuz not only are my quads and hamstrings sore but my actual butt muscles ~ not like the surface, MY ACTUAL BUTT MUSCLES are sore. Lmao. Oh well, nothing a little ice on my foot couldn't help. The second one was a hip-hop routine to "Take You There" by Donnie Klang, followed by the hubby's "Swing Ya Rag". Not too sure about that one. I really wanna stay cuz I like the vibe to it so far and of course I don't mind dancing to a T.I. song buuuut the routine's not all that challenging and it's MAD HEADS in that dance ~ like some 50+ girls. Yeah, okay. Tonite I'm trying another advanced contemporary piece to "Dream On". More to follow. I'm baaaack!

N.D.I.B ♥

S.O.A.C.K. (Swagger Of A College Kid)

1.25.2009 by Dizzy♥

Lmao, don't look @ me like that, my brothers made it up ^.

So, in the midst of all my "woe is me" moments, I completely forgot about everything that preceeded that day.

But first I gotta plug in my sidebar:

So, I MUST be the hotness cuz plz tell me why I woke up to 14 friend requests on Facebook today. Lol, sorry I had to put it. But sike nah, This prob. had something to do with it.

Anywayz, my classes are straight. Let's see...mañana I have Phonology & Afromusicology I believe. It's a little off for me to see an African Linguistics professor but hey ~ get in where you fit in. Lol. And Afromusicology - sure to hold my interest I'm sure....with her feminist, deep-south, blunt persona and all. Also doesn't hurt that my day is done @ 3 o'clock. Hol' up.... did I go back to elementary school with this?

Um, then the following day I'll have Syntax & Spanish Lit., which I mentioned before in another post. Syntax is actually not bad at all. 40% of your grade is these homework sets and it doesn't even matter if you get them wrong or right. (Are you serious?) Spanish Lit ~ not so much. But what did I expect, it's a Lit. class after all.

So, of course my "woe is me" moments never even truly last that long cuz someone else steps into view, but that'll be another post.

I might just go hyph with the posts today :-D

Craving Taco Bell.

To be continued...mucho.

I.W.A.L.Y. ♥ (I Will Always Love You)

"We Were Once A Fairy Tale, But This Is Farewell"

1.24.2009 by Dizzy♥

Me & D.V. are done.

It ended last night around 10 o'clock pm. All of my gurls said it needed to happen, cuz honestly y'all, we were NOTHING. And we were nothing like we used to be. What's worse was it really got to the point where I was doing all the work; always had to hit him up first, always making plans, always down for us when he did very little. It's extremely tiring after awhile. And I've given him this speech countless times before.

But I guess what hurts the most is that all he really said in return was "I understand" and nothing much further. You know, in the back of your mind you always think if he really wanted me and us to work he wouldn't just let me walk away. But he did.

So I guess he doesn't.

Somewhere along the road he changed, because we changed. It just hurts so much cause it seems like he could care less.

Well, everything happens for a reason rite?

Yeah, rite.

I guess I'll just never see it.

N.C.K.U.T. ♥ (Nothing Can Keep Us Together)

"Ain't No Point In Feeling Blue...."

1.21.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, I've been a little lacking in the blog category the past couple dayz. But that's because the last 2-3 have been extremely hectic.

First, well as you all know the lovely and wonderful man that is Barack Obama became Mr. President yesterday. So, my organization hosted an inaugural brunch (wish I had pics) for his swearing-in ceremony. My sisters and I were in charge of decorating the place. I never ever realized how much work this actually called for until, well until it was too late. Let's just say.....we were slaving over centerpieces, favors, balloons, programs for DAYZ. But hey, the end result was beautiful.

Also yesterday, my Spring semester started. I was actually in class when Obama became president. (WACK, I know. IMO, I don't see why classes weren't cancelled ANYWAY!!!! Lol) I had Syntax @ 11:30 then Spanish Lit @ the way did I mention my Spanish prof. is a Korean woman who was raised in Spain?? My life........ lol. But yeah, def. glad I went to my first one cuz *ish was intense AND we got homework. WTF? Um......books weren't bad this semester came to about $200 minus one little novel that NOBODY had. (Huh?) Was gonna use the extra to finish my tat but now.......not so much. Lol

Last night too, becuz of our efforts on the brunch, we also got invited to an Inaugural Gala over in Edison. Too bad I felt mad special to be in there. Muchas gracias to Ms. La Rue for the invite. Gov. Corzine was in the building as well but I couldn't catch him. It was fun tho. I never seen... like drunk, middle-aged people in suits and gowns dancing their a** off. (but can you say - "open bar"? You already know!). Lol Shhhhhh

So I ended up hittin up Time Check (been a while), D.V. & Q-Tip when I got back home last nite. Too bad when I woke up this morning I discovered only Q-Tip had replied. (HA!) Time Check's been hittin me up lately and idk why, esp. when I def make little efforts to talk back. Dudez....what goes through yall minds sometimes I really wonder. Lol.

But here's something else I wonder. .....yall might have figured by now that me & D.V. can't never really catch a break, for example. So, Follow Me: you have sometimes I don't get his texts, sometimes he don't get mines; Time Check hasn't replied to my texts the past couple nites but he'll text me during the day randomly; so far all 3 times me & Q-Tip tried to work something up it looks like it's gonna God just trying to tell me something??????? Like, maybe, just maybe all these dudes are wrong for me and the Lord above is trying to steer me away from them?

But on the other hand, the bestie says that if something's REALLY meant to be, it'll work itself out in the end, no matter how many times *ish goes south.

So what do you do?

I.H.T.B.Y. ♥ (It Had To Be You)

I'm A Beast

1.14.2009 by Dizzy♥

So this would be my BEST DISH MADE.......EVER! When I say this *ish goes in - sweetie THIS *ISH GOES IN!!!!! Lol. This is my version of Cajun Chicken & Pasta and its the best meal I think I've ever tasted in my life. Not to sound conceitied but....I'll be expecting the ring any day now. Lol

What's not-so-funny is that this meal was originally intended for D.V. We were supposed to chill last nite (fun stuff, nothin too heavy......except some massages :-)). BUT in true D.V. fashion, it never went down. Me, April, my sis Shanta, her gurl Keenya and one of my bros ended up eating it last nite....then me & Apy finished HIS plate this afternoon for lunch. Somehow - between him stopping by the first time and the time he was supposed to return to my apt. he got into this huge fight with his (blood) sister and somehow it f'ed up his whole night. Now, I believe him and all, because truth be told, dude has no reason to lie to me. But still, I can't help feeling like....WTF????? I can't never win with dude. So I ended up just laying down my head, disappointed, after a few long text messages were exchanged on both ends. Woke up to another one this morning. I replied with another 2-page jawn. Which he responded to later today. I don't know exactly what happened but *ish had to be heavy for him to get like that, but I basically told him the exact above said statement and I don't wanna keep on if I'm just gonna play chaser. He assured me I don't need to feel like that. But still....sometime it IS like - why the f do I bother? He cares but...........

*Enters Q-Tip* Hehe. And he actually had bangin a** timing cause in the midst of all the back and forth last nite who should hit me up? So, def. will be patiently awaiting his return back to Jerzee. Honestly, can't wait to kick it. He's a breath of fresh air, as corny as that sounds. Actually, maybe his whole timing in general couldn't be more perfect. Cuz D.V. can't possibly have too many more lives left.
So all I keep thinking nowadays is "Don't F*** Up". Only thing is...should it be more directed to him...or me?

P.S. Here's one for the luv's. Hope ya like!

Y.T.O.T.I.W. ♥ (You're The One That I Want)

Request Line

1.10.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, it's late-nite (for some anyway). Can't really sleep yet, don't know what D.V., Q-Tip or any others are up to, so why not turn to my all-time high ~ la musica.

One thing that gets me about a song, (besides the production, which usually catches my ear first) is if it has these lyrics that make me bob my head even harder cuz of what dude just said. It makes me wanna learn em faster too, lol. So in this 3 o'clock hour I thought I'd share some lyrics that I like. & It's cool if you don't like 'em......that's why that name to the right is Dizzy and not [insert your name here].

Okay, that was rude. Lmao. I apologize.
I still wuv you!

"It's not a bird, not a plane
It's my heart and it's going-gone away
My only weakness is you
Only reason is you
Every minute with you I feel like I can do...

The type to make me ponder this exact feeling and what it must be like.

"I don't wanna confuse things
But I just can't keep my lieing to myself
When you're holding me
I can feel your pain,
Oh baby, let me be your dreams
I'm the answer, come see me
And you won't have to cry no more
Girl ~ I can hear your heart"

Kind of another "Superhuman", with dude saving girl from her pain, and all. How romantic...

"And I'm grindin' til I'm tired
Cuz they say you ain't grindin' til you tired
So I'm grindin' with my eyez wide (?)
Lookin' to find, a way thru the day ~ a lite for the nite
Dear Lord, you done took so many of my people
I'm just wondering why you haven't taken my life
Like, what the hell am I doing rite?"

Can't exactly relate but I can relate to the emotion. People are taken from us left & right, so why?
God only knows.


"I could sit in this house, in this room
In this bed, just as long as I'm feeling this way
And boi, since you been away
I can't sleep ~ I've been awake
I just lay here tryna deal with this pain
4 walls and no you
The silence in this room is so loud
No one else can fix it but you..."

Never cared about or listened to the girl a day before in my life until I found this on YouTube while I was looking for inspiration for my jazz/lyrical dance. Loved it from the first time I heard it.

"It's 8:30
I know my baby kinda worried
I said I'll be there, said I'd make it in a hurry
When I ain't even on the way
She think at home it's so perfect
But I guess it's cuz her vision kinda blurry
She don't realize she do me so dirty
And she don't recognize the things that she say...
Things you say ~ can drive a man so crazy
Make him wanna leave yo a** (Wit 1 foot up out the door, I can't take no more, Sometimes I wanna)
Walk away ~ and find another lady
Cuz it's so hard to read yo a***
(Wit all the things I do for you, I'm gettin tired of the)
Things you do, to make me wanna cheat on you....
Uh, yeah. Didn't wanna hear it the first few times I heard the track but could ring very, VERY true. And I loved the bluntness, esp. for a debut album. The hook & production don't hurt either. ;-)
So, I had fun doing this. Will def be making another one. Now I'mma try to take it down for good.
B.I.W.I. ♥ (Because I'm Worth It)

W.A.L.K. This Way

by Dizzy♥

So, the Sigma's are having an 80's vs. 90's party shortly after the semester starts and I finally started the process that is finding an outfit for the nite. I think I'm gonna be brave and actually try an 80's Madonna-esque look, with the layers and the colors and the beads and the hair, lmao.... should be fierce.
And in my search for a pic on the web I somehow managed to come across these two lovely objects:
These 4's Stilettos worn by Miss Christina Milian

This was her whole outfit

And these babyz by Balenciaga.

As anybody who really knows me can tell you, I'm nowhere near being a sneakerhead (clearly) but Jordan Stiletto's????? UM HELLO? THAT'S LIKE ~ THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS FOR YOURS TRULY! Lol. I remember this cover from a while back actually but didn't really pay much attention to it. But, only Lord knows how much they were going for...(but should He tell you ~ the bday's Sept. 12th, get @ me for details! :-D)

As for the Balenciaga's........of course they would only be for a matching occasion but I can't deny I think they're adorable. And I can see how many could easily hate 'em, but rockin' those wit the perfect combo - you couldn't tell me nothin'. Even those that hate 'em would think twice HAHA!

Okay, that's enough for that one.
O.I.Y.D. ♥ (Only In Your Dreams)


1.08.2009 by Dizzy♥

Okay, so the title is a bit dramatic. But, it was moreso inspired from yesterday. Today was actually a whole-lot less stressful...............but, that's today.

Tuesday, I had my orthodontist's appointment (NOT fun). But thankfully, they took the hooks out! Yay! [For the past 6 weeks, I had these bad boys on both sides of my mouth, running along the bottom to the top like so:

So now they're gone and they put me back on rubberbands. Honestly, it shouldn't be too much longer. Everything's straight - just have to line it all up. I've had braces for a little over 3 years and counting now. The grillz need to come OUT!
Yesterday must've been my day to be tried. Me & my mom got into it about some dumb *ish. You know when someone's mad at you and now, because they're mad, they gotta fuss about every single, little, itty-bitty, tiny thing? That's the stuff she was on and it was pissing me off. Can't even remember why she was quite so mad........something about me not graduating on time. I'm not gonna start. And THEN, she wants to b**** because she came home from work and saw that I washed no dishes, brought in no garbage can, zilch.......Okay: Newsflash: I'm a college student. I'm rarely ever in this house for long periods of time ~ winter break being the longest. So naturally, those chores never cross my mind. Don't get me wrong - those are all nice things to do and a daughter should want to help out her mother which I do and am not objecting to at all. But for her to not even ask me, just come home PISSED, makes zero sense. That's like me coming home from class one day, with a stank attitude that Jefe didn't cook dinner for me; knowing darn well he never did why would I expect it now? What???????????
Um, what else.......I was semi-hungry and bored after awhile so I decided to try my hand @ banana fritters! Haha here's how they came out. Watcha think?

So, they're puffy as all get-out but it was only my first time! Lol. :-D They still tasted good so that's all that counts.

So here's a few shots of how I spend a random nite with the girlies. (April & Theresa, that is). We hit Rangoon which is this cute little Burmese spot in Philly. BEST FOOD EVER! OMG! Lol. And that's all I'mma say. Hopefully bringing Q-Tip along next week when we head back. Yes, notice I said when. Down below we have some mango juice, Burmese wontons, crab dumplings, the thousand layer bread & my mango shrimp. Soooo......can we say we just christened our new 'spot' ladies?? Lol.

W.I.L.T.Y. ♥ (Would I Lie To You)

Poem - Poison

1.05.2009 by Dizzy♥

I swear
You drain every last drop of life out my veins
Paralyze my flow
Stop my breath in it's tracks
You shoot your ice cold venom
Into my thoughts
And got me ready to jump in front of a moving car
Only to have it dodge me, swerve effortlessly
Leave me waiting for my next dose
And I know you care...
But sometimes your negative outweighs your positive
I know at the end of the day you're bad for me
But I still come back for more
Shocking myself a little more each time; pushing my limits
It's like.......I can't STOP
Nor will you stop me
Don't even recognize my frame in the reflection anymore
Just a numb substance falls into my dips & curves
Look what you've become
You're a poison, luv
And guess what?
I l o v e it

Inspired by "Broken-Hearted Girl" by Miss Beyonce. It reminds me of another poem I wrote this past summer called "The Addict". I like this one better. :-)

"In Love With An Angel, She Don't Belong To Me"...

by Dizzy♥

I find myself a little torn. Once, I told someone I like to be chased and in response he told me I like chasing guys I can't have. I don't think this is entirely true, cause if they were truly inaccessible, believe you me - I would quickly just give up. But I digress...

Lately, with tonight giving me my 3rd revelation, I've now come across 3 people who I never necessarily looked at that way before, but basically, they got a thing for your gurl. The first one is, ODDLY enough, one of the cuzzo's. Clearly we're not blood-related but I genuinely look at him as my cuz, so that's a bit.....yeah. A little while ago he told me that he had liked me but not so much in the past. He moreso found me attractive like over the summer and recently. I'm flattered, but CUZZO YOU'LL ALWAYS BE MY CUZ! LIKE, WTH?!

The second one, for discretional purposes, we'll call Jefe (hef-ay)('boss' in Spanish). Now, me & Jefe have gotten real tight real fast. He's been like, the best guy friend I've ever had. Then, I could tell things slowly starting to change. After a few instances of flirting, one day he came out and told me how about his feelings towards me, which I kinda knew was coming, even though I didn't feel the same way, and in a way the guilt from that realization lingers in the back of my mind a little each day. Me & Jefe are still there for one another and hopefully will continue to be. But, I really can't see myself......seeing him like that. And I'm not even on no picky *ish with these young men. But, I can't force it or fake it.

The third to bare his soul is Q-Tip. (Lol, I know.) Q-Tip I've known since freshman year, through the roomie. We talked & chilled for a little while and then less my sophomore year. Honestly, I think he used to be cuter when we first met, but don't get me wrong he's not unattractive now either. But again, the main thing that stopped me from letting him go further was that bit of lack of chemistry between us. But we still flirted up until now, but the thing that complicates the situay is that *tentatively* he's a member of another frat., and the intermingling..... does NOT sit well with the siblings. (But only if they were to find out hehe). But what's making me think twice is the fact that his text was so...genuine. He basically told me how he liked me and always has and he likes being around me and how the thoughts that prob. cross a lot of dudes minds cross his too but we're why not act? It may not sound like much but to me, I respect his outright honesty, esp. when I've faded him a little bit in the past. Lol So, who knows....

This situation blows my mind. Dudez that I barely double-take at outta the blue tell me they're infatuated. I admit, I notice their attractiveness, but I guess I'm too busy chasing after ungrateful nigga's (*cough* D.V. *cough*) to really notice or even care. So what do you do?

P.S. Sad news: Prof. Stromswold won't change my grade. *Tear* Another f'in semester. And my last shot at redemption. Now to tell the madre.......pray for me y'all.

D.Y.F.A.M. ♥ (Don't You Forget About Me)


by Dizzy♥

So, from time to time I'd like to put up a little section on my main obsession: beauty/shopping. Hope it could be useful or at least insightful!

Here goes:
Newest Addition (but not new to many, I'm sure):

This is "Heavenly" from Victoria's Secret. It's said to be a type of 'vanilla oriental' and I lovez it, esp. since my last couple fragrances have been on the sweet side (Pure Vanilla by LAVANILA & Falling In Love by Philosophy). Actually, turns out my sis Sarah uses this and one day I was in Vicki's just spraying a whole bunch of stuff and then I smelled something that smelled exactly like her (no homo). As much as I hate to admit, I wanted it = I got it. :-)

DIY: Lip Scrub
Not to sound conceited, but I've been told to have very nice lips. So, I thought I'd share a tiny tip of mines.

I mix 1 tbsp. white sugar with about 1/2 tsp. olive oil. (Actually I believe regular oil works well too.) Apply to your lips with a baby toothbrush and rub the scrub in circles. Rinse well with warm water. Immediately after your favorite lip balm. I just picked up:
Hey, it works for the loves! ♥

Husbandz & Happy Hour

1.02.2009 by Dizzy♥

Where to start, where to start.......I guess I'll go in chronological order.


Me & D.V. got into a verbal altercation on New Year's Eve. After an entire afternoon of fading I initiated a mini-spazzing session....which led to even more fading. >:-\ I swear if it's one thing that pisses me off, it's the pointless ignoring. SO f'in rude.

-NYE (Day)

In preparition for my little soiree up @ the Rock, me and my girl Steph drove up late afternoon, then had to make a few runs to the Rite Aid in Highland Park (hehe) and the grocery store. Bill came to about $74+. NEVER AGAIN! While I picked up a couple boxes of Jell-O, D.V. & I went back and forth about why he proceeded to ignore me, how rude he was, how rude I was and other petty *ish. We peaced it up right before I started mixing the shots, which was all I really wanted to accomplish before 2009 got here. Since then, he's been a little touchy and standoff-ish which makes me worry but we've spoken and have *tentative* plans so I'll hold my breath til then.

-NYE (Night)

So, a few martini's and some Jell-O :-) later, the folks from Boro arrived. A few more than I expected, which inevitably grew to even more as the night went on. But all in all, the festivities were fun, with a few exceptions:

-So the cuzzo brought the guitar, mic, drumset, and console from Rock Band.....and forgets the game. What??????????

-Taboo was short lived. Ppl were haters. Lol

-'The Kiss', as predicted, never went down. However, I must admit I got an unexpected post-New Year's small one. :-D

-I got married! hehe.....see below

-Someone managed to knock over an entire pitcher of June Bug, and NOBODY, including me, saw.

-Some gat, UNINVITED chick, who was a friend of a friend I presume went HYPH from the minute she started drinking til the minute she left the following morning; which included her sticking her finger in some dude's mouth she did not know, pulling on his dreds & telling him he liked it rough, spazzing on us when she missed the Ball drop, 'crying' when we tried to refuse her anymore shots, randomly quoting "Look Back At Me" by Trina, and telling me I was cute & then proceeding to slap the mess outta my a$$. :-O

U already know. Never EVER Again!!!!!

-Not to mention my cuz and my big bro almost got into physical altercation with the LB and Brothers, but that's water under the bridge.

Oh yeah, so my new-found husband? He's about 5'9", maybe 170 lbs., chocolate-complexion, goes to school about 5 hours away and he reminds me of Young Joc. The ceremony took place around 10:30 pm Dec. 31, 2008 and the honeymoon commenced shortly after. Lol NEVER how I imagined, I know. Sike nah, he's not really the hubby. Just my homie from high school who I kicked it with a couple times over this break. He's leaving me soon anyhow. :-(

So, the REAL hubby (by real I mean, the one I've had for some time now, but he's just a place-holder til the real-life one comes along lol) is having a concert the end of this month, which the bestie told me about and we're going! It'll be the first concert of his I've ever been to and I can't wait. Tix were a grip truthfully, but hopefully it'll be worth it. Til the 31st, I'll just hold this:


*Sigh* If

Y.K.Y.L.M ♥ (You Know You Love Me)