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1.21.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, I've been a little lacking in the blog category the past couple dayz. But that's because the last 2-3 have been extremely hectic.

First, well as you all know the lovely and wonderful man that is Barack Obama became Mr. President yesterday. So, my organization hosted an inaugural brunch (wish I had pics) for his swearing-in ceremony. My sisters and I were in charge of decorating the place. I never ever realized how much work this actually called for until, well until it was too late. Let's just say.....we were slaving over centerpieces, favors, balloons, programs for DAYZ. But hey, the end result was beautiful.

Also yesterday, my Spring semester started. I was actually in class when Obama became president. (WACK, I know. IMO, I don't see why classes weren't cancelled ANYWAY!!!! Lol) I had Syntax @ 11:30 then Spanish Lit @ the way did I mention my Spanish prof. is a Korean woman who was raised in Spain?? My life........ lol. But yeah, def. glad I went to my first one cuz *ish was intense AND we got homework. WTF? Um......books weren't bad this semester came to about $200 minus one little novel that NOBODY had. (Huh?) Was gonna use the extra to finish my tat but now.......not so much. Lol

Last night too, becuz of our efforts on the brunch, we also got invited to an Inaugural Gala over in Edison. Too bad I felt mad special to be in there. Muchas gracias to Ms. La Rue for the invite. Gov. Corzine was in the building as well but I couldn't catch him. It was fun tho. I never seen... like drunk, middle-aged people in suits and gowns dancing their a** off. (but can you say - "open bar"? You already know!). Lol Shhhhhh

So I ended up hittin up Time Check (been a while), D.V. & Q-Tip when I got back home last nite. Too bad when I woke up this morning I discovered only Q-Tip had replied. (HA!) Time Check's been hittin me up lately and idk why, esp. when I def make little efforts to talk back. Dudez....what goes through yall minds sometimes I really wonder. Lol.

But here's something else I wonder. .....yall might have figured by now that me & D.V. can't never really catch a break, for example. So, Follow Me: you have sometimes I don't get his texts, sometimes he don't get mines; Time Check hasn't replied to my texts the past couple nites but he'll text me during the day randomly; so far all 3 times me & Q-Tip tried to work something up it looks like it's gonna God just trying to tell me something??????? Like, maybe, just maybe all these dudes are wrong for me and the Lord above is trying to steer me away from them?

But on the other hand, the bestie says that if something's REALLY meant to be, it'll work itself out in the end, no matter how many times *ish goes south.

So what do you do?

I.H.T.B.Y. ♥ (It Had To Be You)

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Sara said...

Aw.. no pics?! :P
Still, it was very nice of you to host an Inaugural Brunch :)

& April is right ;)
Besides, it may not always be that the person is the wrong person... it might just be the wrong time for one of you in your lives.