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1.10.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, the Sigma's are having an 80's vs. 90's party shortly after the semester starts and I finally started the process that is finding an outfit for the nite. I think I'm gonna be brave and actually try an 80's Madonna-esque look, with the layers and the colors and the beads and the hair, lmao.... should be fierce.
And in my search for a pic on the web I somehow managed to come across these two lovely objects:
These 4's Stilettos worn by Miss Christina Milian

This was her whole outfit

And these babyz by Balenciaga.

As anybody who really knows me can tell you, I'm nowhere near being a sneakerhead (clearly) but Jordan Stiletto's????? UM HELLO? THAT'S LIKE ~ THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS FOR YOURS TRULY! Lol. I remember this cover from a while back actually but didn't really pay much attention to it. But, only Lord knows how much they were going for...(but should He tell you ~ the bday's Sept. 12th, get @ me for details! :-D)

As for the Balenciaga's........of course they would only be for a matching occasion but I can't deny I think they're adorable. And I can see how many could easily hate 'em, but rockin' those wit the perfect combo - you couldn't tell me nothin'. Even those that hate 'em would think twice HAHA!

Okay, that's enough for that one.
O.I.Y.D. ♥ (Only In Your Dreams)

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Sara said...

Wow, that is one hell of a cute outfit...
Seriously, crazy shoes... the colorful stilettos are a lil much, but the ones she has on in the cover photo are adorable.

I know you're "just a girl" n all, but don't go running around in just purple underpants! lol

April Rose said...

I have the Balenciaga's on a shirt of mine. Odd.

I like the 4's Ms. Milian's wearing. Not for me of course. I don't get down with catching charlie horses over heels anymore =/

Sista T said...

The 4s are cute...and the Jordan Stilettos are....different...wild...but oddly cute...I would be the one to wear them just to be different lol