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1.26.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, R.P.D.C. rehearsals started last nite (Rutgers Performing Dance Company, that is) and I'm so excited. My first one was an advanced jazz dance to "Breakin' Dishes" by Rihanna and I believe we're also gonna do "Bad Girl" by Danity Kane. "Advanced" isn't the word. But it's nothing I can't handle..... you know, just your standard axle turns, double pirouettes, triple pirouettes, extensions, fouettes, front leaps, switch leaps..... ;-) Oh yeah, DEF. landed wrong trying to do my side leap (came down on my 4th and pinky toe on my left foot). I walked out the gym with swollen toes and all. Lol. It's so ironic I ended last semester with RPDC with an injury (a SERIOUS pulled hamstring) and I start off this semester with another one. Not to mention I must be out of shape cuz not only are my quads and hamstrings sore but my actual butt muscles ~ not like the surface, MY ACTUAL BUTT MUSCLES are sore. Lmao. Oh well, nothing a little ice on my foot couldn't help. The second one was a hip-hop routine to "Take You There" by Donnie Klang, followed by the hubby's "Swing Ya Rag". Not too sure about that one. I really wanna stay cuz I like the vibe to it so far and of course I don't mind dancing to a T.I. song buuuut the routine's not all that challenging and it's MAD HEADS in that dance ~ like some 50+ girls. Yeah, okay. Tonite I'm trying another advanced contemporary piece to "Dream On". More to follow. I'm baaaack!

N.D.I.B ♥

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April Rose said...

Stay injuring yourself. And your glutes? Ouch lol.

Get a heating pad.