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S.O.A.C.K. (Swagger Of A College Kid)

1.25.2009 by Dizzy♥

Lmao, don't look @ me like that, my brothers made it up ^.

So, in the midst of all my "woe is me" moments, I completely forgot about everything that preceeded that day.

But first I gotta plug in my sidebar:

So, I MUST be the hotness cuz plz tell me why I woke up to 14 friend requests on Facebook today. Lol, sorry I had to put it. But sike nah, This prob. had something to do with it.

Anywayz, my classes are straight. Let's see...mañana I have Phonology & Afromusicology I believe. It's a little off for me to see an African Linguistics professor but hey ~ get in where you fit in. Lol. And Afromusicology - sure to hold my interest I'm sure....with her feminist, deep-south, blunt persona and all. Also doesn't hurt that my day is done @ 3 o'clock. Hol' up.... did I go back to elementary school with this?

Um, then the following day I'll have Syntax & Spanish Lit., which I mentioned before in another post. Syntax is actually not bad at all. 40% of your grade is these homework sets and it doesn't even matter if you get them wrong or right. (Are you serious?) Spanish Lit ~ not so much. But what did I expect, it's a Lit. class after all.

So, of course my "woe is me" moments never even truly last that long cuz someone else steps into view, but that'll be another post.

I might just go hyph with the posts today :-D

Craving Taco Bell.

To be continued...mucho.

I.W.A.L.Y. ♥ (I Will Always Love You)

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April Rose said...

Lol doesn't it feel good to wake up to massive friend requests?

franii [fran-daddy] said...

lol ur stupid abril

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Can I add you on Facebook and contribute to tha Hotness lol.