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Tumbl Me

11.14.2009 by Dizzy♥

Revived it from the dead as well.

Join & follow:


Eyeliner & Cigarettes

11.12.2009 by Dizzy♥

JK on the cigarettes part. Ciggy's = Ash tray kissez. lol

So, def poppin' the top on my Pineapple Smirnoff tonite wit the gurliez. Then, nite cap with the hubby to start my weekend off ;-) (wink wink)

  • Jade eyeshadow w/ Mac Fluidline eyeliner ~ heavy: ✓
  • Pineapple smirnoff & pineapple juice: ✓
  • Black & lighter (LOL'z): ✓
  • Mag'z ;-p : ✓
  • Anticipation on heavy rotation: ✓
  • Post-mag'z text messages (probably to deuce): ✓
  • Hoping the bestie doesn't see the remnants tomorrow afternoon: errr, to be continued..........
'Til lata luvs!

Bad Jawns & Money

11.11.2009 by Dizzy♥

That's what one of my distant friend's status on FB was. Lmao Nothing else, just.... "bad jawns and money". And we're the same age if he's not older (21, college senior)

I guess this is all anybody needs anymore rite? Lmao, smh.....joke.

Comments-Thingy Fixed

by Dizzy♥

Not sure if anyone was trying to leave me comments besides the bestie (HAHA!), but I THINK I fixed it so you now can. (hopefully!)


Omarion Gets It In

11.10.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, the video droppped. Thought it was cute. Me being a fellow dancer, I'm feelin' some of his choreography. =) Enjoy.

Make It Sooner Than Later

11.09.2009 by Dizzy♥

Some time last week. 12:30 am

Deuce: hey
Dizzy: hey loser
Deuce: wats up
Dizzy: nothin much jus chillin. wat u up to?
Deuce: chillin watchin a movie wit claire and whitney
Dizzy: aww! tell them i said hi
Deuce: claire is in the bathroom whitney said hi and *deuce* said he misses u
Dizzy: ....... i miss u too
Deuce: =)

I got a hubby but......
I miss you too.

* = not his real name

BeautyBook: Skittles =)

by Dizzy♥

So, I was bored last night b4 dance rehearsal so I decided to try this rainbow look>. Survey says: Luvs it! Hence the same photo to the right. But I doubt I'll be wearing it out anytime - DEF. a summer look - preferably the beach.

Anywayz, to create this look, use:
1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer

2. For the inner eye, use the pink shade from the Pop Beauty 'Day to Night' clutch palette, shown here.

3. Next shade to the left is the orange shade from Cover Girl Eyeshadow Quad in Tropical Fusion.

4. Next shade to left is Urb from Urban Decay (it's a really light, glittery green, hard to see in this pic).

5. Finish out with the lightest blue shade from the Pop Beauty 'Day to Night' clutch again.

Oh, and the colors are placed on BOTH the upper and lower lids. Enjoy!

So, How Bad Do You Want It?

by Dizzy♥

Hi luvs! I apologize for the brief hiatus. Anyway.....

Not sure how late I am on this but, my sisters just told me about this this past weekend.

This young man is Donnie Wade II and late last month, he sadly passed out and died while going thru his process for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc at Prarie A&M in TX. The full article is here.

In no means am I splashing the frat - (the article is published online for everyone to see). I just felt the need to shed some additional light to the situation, since I'm sure there are others who didn't know, including me.

This is when ppl seriously need to get a grip. I really thought after the AKA incident in Cali, Divine 9 orgs would be more conscious of things.  And they probably have been for the most part. But clearly not entirely. Granted, most ppl who wish to become a part of the org want it really bad - and have to prove just how much before they are offered the opportunity. But, little "incidents" like this ^   .......................... should NEVER be a factor.

Beauty Book: Pop EyeShadow

10.30.2009 by Dizzy♥

Uber-Excited!!! Just got back form ULTA. Mind you, I went to try to find a shimmery gold eyeshadow for tomorrow nite (which I did - BareMinerals in 'Summer' I believe and  the L'oreal H.I.P. in 'Gilded'). BUUUUUTTTTTTTTT as I was still walking around the aisles, my eyez came across this beauty:

This is Pop Beauty's 'Day To Play Clutch' palette with 18 GORGEOUS and actually rich colors. I was just saying to myself how I needed a palette in my life, too. hehe Only thing is it DIDN'T HAVE GOLD! :,-( But did that stop me from buying it? Of course not! Plz believe I will be playing with these colors immediately (pics to come!) As for my gold? Eh, one of the sis's should have a shade. :-p


by Dizzy♥

Little inspiration from listening to "Oh My God".

Cheating: Venus vs. Mars

10.27.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, this is a topic me & the boyfriend heavily discuss every so often. More specifically - whom is more inclined to cheat - men or women?

His take is that he's known of the sweetest, nicest, most "innocent" gurls who end up doing the most scandalous shit with different dudes, despite the fact that they're wifed up. Basically, he feels as though there are very few faithful individuals left in the world.

I, on the other hand, believe deep down that each of us (male or female) holds the capacity not to cheat on our significant others and ALWAYS feel some type of way when dudes drop the "It's hard to stay faithful" bs line. NEWSFLASH: IT'S NOT! JUST CHILL THE FxCK OUT!!! lol. But to speak more critically, in my opinion, women outnumber men in this world, so the numbers would say MEN are more inclined to cheat just because the opportunity presents itself a little more often {just to play devil's advocate}.

Honestly, I've found in my personal experiences one sex isn't more inclined than the other. We're all human and when ppl start getting lonely, or unsatisfied sexually, or frustrated or just plain ass unhappy - that's when rash decisions are made. And these are all thingz that both men and women don't generally care for.

I will say though, men can be a little sloppy/stupid with theirs and are more likely to get caught lol. (Jus my opinion & becuz I'm a gurl :-p)

Weezy F. ~ Run This Town Freestyle

by Dizzy♥

Morning luvs. For all those who aren't sick of the sampled 'Run This Town' production by Jay {including me =)}, I stumbled upon Lil' Wayne's take on it. Enjoy:

Beauty Book ~ Seeing Green

10.26.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, here's a green look I tried for me & the hubby's 1-month yesterday. (Yes, I said 1-month lol). Survey says: It's a keeper!

I used:
1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer
2. Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Urb, near my lashline
3. I actually used a dark green liner pencil for the next line up, Milani eyeliner in Green Glamour
4. For my crease, I used the 'crease' color from the Maybelline Expert Eyes Natural Smokes quad (an absolute must-have)
5. And finished everything off with Maybelline Colossal Mascara (the absolute BEST mascara I've ever tried! And trust, I've had plenty :-p)

So there you have it. All the gurliez loved it. Sorry the pic is a bit blurry. Love ya ♥

Craving: Chocolate

10.22.2009 by Dizzy♥

I'm sitting in the back of my Phonetics class, half-listening to Prof. Kawahara showing us all these slides of spectrograms and all I keep thinking is "I SO want chocolate.....I REALLY want a chocolate bar right now....Damn I want chocolate". Lol

Ironic that the boyfriend is quite chocolate-complected himself. Hehe. Idk....prob becuz my monthly's expected to be here by the weekend.

......Oh ~ and he's letting us out dumb early?! U already know. =)

Rihanna - Russian Roulette

by Dizzy♥

I feel like this song just dropped yesterday and ALREADY there's controversy. Lol.

Tiffany Evans apparently went in yesterday about how suicide rates are gonna skyrocket now, and so many stars sell their souls to the devil and cluck-cluck-cluck and bluck-bluck-bluck and you get the point.

Honestly, after finally listening to the track - I can see why it could be misconstrued as a "suicide track" but I actually like her voice on it. Does that mean I'm gonna go slit my wrists now? NO!

But you be the judge:
Rihanna - Russian Roulette


The Saint & The Sinner - BabyMaker Edition

by Dizzy♥

So apparently, like I so predicted, Kimmy-K is supposedly on a mission to start poppin out the kiddies very soon - within the year to be exact. Kim claims she "always thought she'd be married with 1 kid by the time she was 30" {and she's 29}. Of course, this new mission was supposedly spawned in part with the marriage of her baby sister Khloe and her mommy-to-be older sister Kourtney.

Here's my thing: You run your life how YOU see fit - NOT because 2 of your sisters have major life changes going on. Now, I understand how you can clearly feel like you need a change too but seriously, she obviously is the Kardashian with the most shine right now - she clearly doesn't need a "major change" that comes with a marriage or baby.

And also, if you have to {or like to} go engagement ring shopping - WITHOUT REGGIE - maybe you should just relax for a bit. Just maybe.

Say What's Real

4.19.2009 by Dizzy♥

Dear Dizzy,

You know I don't know what to say to you. You know I don't even know where to start. I can't even say "fuck him" cuz we both know you wake up with that sick feeling in your stomach, wondering about him. And you can't stand being lonely. But this situation ~ never really happened to me before. Matter fact, WAT THE FUCK REALLY HAPPENED? You can't even answer nobody. Cuz the answer we can come up wit is ridiculous. And you know it's ridiculous. Dude just disappeared? 10+ phone calls? 3 pg text messages? No response. But nah, nah relax sweetie, relax. Maybe something happened to his phone.... worse, maybe something happened to him..... yeah, yeah.....or maybe not. Everytime this happened before nothing ever happened to him or his phone... and it was never this long. So maybe something DID happen to him.

But damn gurl. I don't know what to tell you to do. Just the day before everything was fine, so why would a nigga just straight up fade you? Who knows. Niggas got different shit on they mind sometimes. Sorry.
But one thing I will tell you: I don't even care about writing this to you.
Why? Cuz you don't need no fuckin letter to be straight. Remember how you felt after Chris? Straight up almost died. And for what ~ for him to stay wit who he was messin wit & you to get wit your next for another 2yrs. So stop bitchin. Cuz honestly, the shit gets tired after a while. Especially wit you. Cuz you're gorgeous. And everytime shit gets fucked, another one pops up. And that's real. WE both know.
So, maybe dude'll come back ~ maybe he's fading you for good.

But please..... don't hold your fuckin breath waiting to find out.

Yours truly,

Do You Like Cryt-al Gel?

4.16.2009 by Dizzy♥

And, no ^ that's not a typo. Lol

Just push play. And ANYBODY who ever stepped into a nail salon should be able to relate. :-)

Tha roomie put me on.

Yeezy = Stalker Nympho?

4.08.2009 by Dizzy♥

*Lol. Aight so mind you, this is a story about celebs, celeb gossip to be correct. So let me re-emphasize that NONE of my celeb posts should be taken as 100% factual, cause you and I both know we're never where they are. I just like posting stuff I find interesting.*

Apparently, Kanye's main chick Amber Rose couldn't be more over their relationship. While 'Ye was recording tracks over in Hawaii, chick was chilling in Philly with her ex-girlfriend (yes, girlfriend), fading all of 'Ye's calls & texts left & right, with him constantly tryna figure out where she was/wat she was doing. She also claims that despite Kanye's nympho-like tendencies, the sex is muy whack (on his part) and that she's only now sticking around for the sake of $$$ and her "career".

Don't know wat parts or to wat extent of this story is true. But I think either way, all that comes to mind is.....HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!.
J/K J/K Sorry 'Ye.
You know we all ain't got nothin but love for ya. ;-)
Full Story here:

Shawty Got LOW

by Dizzy♥

So, my friend (actually the hubby from New Year's) posted this on the roomie's wall on FB. Honestly... it made my day. PLEASE enjoy:

Shattered Glass

by Dizzy♥

I sincerely apologize for the lack of post-age. *Ish is gettin heavy up here @ school.
First & foremost congrats to the newest I-Sweets on the yard: Dramatix, Poison & Quiet Storm (their real sweetheart names, not just my personal nickname lol). So proud of you 3.
Secondly: the boy. So, too bad I've def been a rollercoaster ride wit this one. But first, I'd like to note that FROM THIS POINT ON, this young man's name will now be '9 Livez'. Lol I'm sure that's pretty self-explanatory. Anywayz, we actually hit a really bad spot this past weekend. It happened late Friday nite when I got off work. We was supposed to chill that nite and he actually came thru to the Roc wit his brothers while I was on duty. So, he knowz I'm done @ 3 but I decided to give it a little time....3:40 comes and I call, to which he told he'd call me rite back in 2 min. Okay - cool. Now, my impatient butt starts calling back around 4 but this no answer. (Sound familiar?) Nor the 2nd, nor the 3rd, nor the 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th. Yes, I said 7th. Clearly, the luv was too drunk/high to answer his phone. Not an uncommon activity of his.
So by that time I was furious, mostly because we've had SO MANY talks about his stupid bad habits b4. So I proceed to leave him a lovely voicemail that went something like:

"I hope when you hear this you're not too f****d up to understand me. I've waited up for you for the last time. So wat you can do is delete my f***in number from your f***in phonebook cuz..I'm done with you [insert real name here]. Goodbye".

Kinda went in a little bit. But when I'm mad, I'm mad. And dude pissed me the f*** off that nite. I expected to get a few long text messages or a call/voicemail but 2 dayz had passed and nothing. So on Monday, - remember that key that came along with my necklace? 9 Livez MUST not want it anymore since he clearly had nothin to say for hisself. So, I finally hit him up and told him I was coming thru to get it back - that nite. So, me being the girly girl I am *superficially* got all dolled up since it was supposed to be the last time we saw each other like that and proceeded to drive over to his apt., along wit Keenya & Tay in the car (you know, just in case we had to stomp somebody out lol jk). The whole trip ended up being real anticlimactic. After wat seemed like hours of him staring at me, he finally gave it up. I briefly spoke bye as I walked out his building.

Later that nite, we ended up texting each other, becuz I honestly couldn't believe that he had nothin to say. Either he was truly an a**hole or he was jus thought my mind was fed up. Well, to wrap up this story, homeboy said he felt ridiculously ashamed and didnt say anything cuz he felt like he ultimately let me down, didn't know how I felt about him, but that he still cared about me and could only hope he still had a piece of my heart with or without my key. HOW SWEET - *blank stare*.

Sike nah, I admit he was genuine wit it...AFTER I HAD TO DRAG IT OUT OF HIM! And I admit I miss the boy. So needless, we made up last nite. Now, I'm still keeping my guard up...but if 9 Livez truly lives up to his name - then I'm kinda curious to see how this all really plays out.

P.S. The inspiration from my title had a double meaning: 1. Me & the boy of course. 2. While I was trying to move my laptop from my desk to my bed, it slipped - I tried to catch it and it ended up banging against the corner of my best postm resulting in this NASTY crack/splinter on the right side of my screen. :,-) Disaster.


3.22.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, the day that me & the cuzzo went out - we hit up M.A.C. cuz she wanted some pressed powder. Well, I'm proud to say.....I lost my M.A.C. v-card that day! :-) After wat seemed an eternity I ended up with these two lovely's:

The first is the Matte Eyeshadow in Fig. 1 (a deep plum shade) and their regular shadow in Expensive Pink (how ironic) lol, which is a gold-ish pink.
Needless to say, I love them! The guy at the store suggested these for my yellow undertone when I said I was looking for an 'everyday type' look and I usually favor golds. The pink shade is applied all over from lashline to eyebrow. Then the purple is dashed on on my outer corners and also along my lower lash line:
Sorry the pic isn't the greatest. But I must say I def. will be returning for more shades in the future. I've gotten mad compliments thus far whenever I wear them :-) Highly recommended!
Oh yeah, how could I forget - I got Lipglass too!!!!! (I swear I'm like a lil gurl in a candy store when it comez to makeup). This is Nymphette:

Which is another gold-ish pink shade, which kinda compliments the pink shadow. And it's not frosty at all, given its opaqueness. Lovez it!
Hope ya liked! Muahz.
A.I.W.I.E. ♥

Bleu Martini

3.21.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, last nite, maaad last minute ~ I went with my *favorite* cuzin & 2 of her co-workers to ^ this spot in Olde City, Philly. Good a** time! Lol

Tell me why I only had 1 pomegranate & 1 bleu martini and ur gurl was actually leaning a bit. ;-) The cuzzo says thats the difference between "top shelf" liquor & the rest. (Had to be ~ cuz Dizzy is nobody's lightweight lol. Not to mention we damn sure paid "top shelf" price for them). Tab clocked out at almost $250.

Sorry, no pics this time around either. Told u it was last minute! Imma get on it tho, I promise.

I swear, seeing old(er) ppl drunk is HILARIOUS. Actually, I think this was the first time I seen my cuz like drunk-drunk. Her co-workers were mad nice and funny as hell too. At first, I was jus doin my best to blend in wit the old-heads so it wasn't no issue. But I got thru the door smooth as hell so after that, & after my first (extremely strong) drink, I was def like f*** it. Lol Gotta admit - it was fun eyeing dudez as they walked in (we was rite by the door); them smiling @ me and me smiling back cuz I kno they ain't gonna get what they want. LMAO

I had to drive us home since I was the least-drunk. But wasn't actually in the best condition to drive cross the Ben Franklin. (shhhh!) But CLEARLY we all made it home safe so Im actually pretty proud of myself.

Finished out my nite wit the usual X-rated drunk texts to the boo. Lol {He knowz wats going down, and he don't mind either way} It has yet to happen, but I don't think neither of us will be ready the nite we catch each other with alcohol in our systems heavy!!!!! Lol.
Woke up pretty early this morning. (Like 8-9 ish, WTF?) All I felt was sleepy, not hungover. And just thirsty as hell.

So, I'm jus spending the rest of the afternoon wit 32 oz. gatorade and gettin my *ish ready to head back up to New Brunzwick tonite. SO not lookin forward to it......Im on duty tonite as well. Otherwise, knowing me I'd much rather stay til Monday morning.
Good f'in timez.

B.I.W.I. ♥

The Saint & The Sinner

3.19.2009 by Dizzy♥

The couple that (most) ppl love to hate, Kim K. & Reggie Bush will be in the April issue of GQ magazine. I personally think Kim is a fabulous girl (contrary to most of my friends's thoughts about her) and the pics are kinda cute. Haven't seen a couple photo shoot in a while. Peep the rest of the preview pics below, which I think exemplifies them very well. Lmao ~ take that how you want. Full story here, along with a "behind-the-scenes" video, if that floats your boat. Lol, set to an instrumental version of "Roc Boys", for whatever reason.


Nope, Just Kidding

by Dizzy♥

So, as I stated b4 I was scared out my mind at the thought that I might've actually been *gasp* pregnant. But, to much avail.........I got my monthly yesterday! I am so grateful for these cramps rite now.Lol (sorry if it's TMI for any of yall out there). So yeah, told the bestie when/if I got it ~ we were DEF celebrating, which we did. Me, her & Ja hit up Ruby Tues. (lol) and I got my strawberry lemonade, along with some others. Fun timez.

On another scary note, the boo def. almost got locked for conspiracy & pos. of weapons last nite. Here I was, mad of course cuz he just stopped texting me out the blue, meanwhile he's somewhere dealing with this *ish. Crazy. Thank GOD they let them go (it was his boy's + dudez father is a State boy).

My life...never a dull moment.

A.I.W.I.E. ♥

But We Gon' Switch This Thing Back....

3.17.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, I remember a lil while ago, I discovered that Mr. Raymond had indeed made a video for this song. Then, shortly after I realized how late I must have been (since Trading Places hit the radio a minute ago). HAHA ~ well I'm laughing at me and my lateness but whatev. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE DIGITAL PIANO in this! And the video crossed my mind just now (maybe I'm just in a slow-jam mood, from 'Purple Kisses' to 'It's Yours' to this..hmmm. Anyway, far all those who were late like me (lol) or who just love(d) the song/video, this for you.


Purple Kisses

by Dizzy♥

Morning, luv's!

Well, pretty much afternoon now. Lol

Spring Break's going pretty good so complaints. Prob should have my nose in a book rite now...BUT I'm not.

Um, the reason for the pic to the right was inspired by last nite w/ Q-Tip. Nothing major ~ we was jus out riding around for a lil bit cuz we needed to see each other (it's been bout a week) and I just wanted to be wit my boo. :-) Ended up sneaking me into his basement for a little while (YES, I KNOW ON SOME LITTLE KID *ISH, but hey - it was fun HAHA) But lately, esp. since I been home, for some reason I keep wanting to kiss KISS him. Like make him wanna....yeah from my kisses. And jus enjoy ever Lmao. Idk how to explain but yeah. So, last nite I made sure to get wat I wanted.....well, not exactly. Cuz we both actually ended up wanting to.....YEAH. But we couldn't clearly. Kinda bad timing. But, nevertheless - fun nite w/ tha luv.

So, not sure if this applies to any of yall but, Happy St. Patrick's Day? I was just gonna be a bum today but I think I'm gonna re-nig and try my hand at Irish Potatoes. And by Irish Potatoes I mean these:

Last time I tasted one of these, I think I was in 7th grade. They're a candy made from cream cheese, coconut, sugar & cinnamon I believe (off the top of my head). Pics to come! (Thanx from boredom).
SB: Not gonna lie....I'm expecting my monthly and I'm starting to get more & more nervous everyday. Lord knows I'm one of the most impatient ppl on this earth so this is like the WORST TEST EVER!!!!! *Sigh* Plz pray for me.
D.Y.F.A.M ♥

Back 2 Ur Regularly Scheduled Program

3.12.2009 by Dizzy♥

Aight, I know I've been slacking on the updates this week but I'm right in the middle of my exam time. =(

First Thingz First - NEW LAYOUT! Do ya like? Kinda remindz me of the Tiffany boxes I adore so much. As for the header - lol a little strong but I think its hot. :-)
Anywayz - as for the books:
First was Span. Lit - Eh...
Second was Afromusicology which was so ridic. easy
Third was SUPPOSED to be Phonology - today actually. (more on that below)
And fourth is a take-home for Syntax which'll be due after we come back.

So *ahem* for Phon., which I was scared to take all week, I went to talk with my prof on Wed. and that made me feel a tad bit better. Tried to study more that nite - but to not much avail - Drew and the (now EX-) husband came thru to visit. Ending up giving up shortly after they left. Woke up early this morning to try to cram some more into my head and just felt SOOOO not prepared. So if yall promise not to tell, lol, told a little white lie to get out of it and now I get to take it later on. Sorry if anybody despises ppl who do this.

But on a sidenote, this semester I have no room to just do okay - which is prob what I woulda got if I took that jawn today. I need to do ALL my classes. So, sorry if it seems selfish but honestly, I look at this one as doing what I needed to do. And b4 you even fix ur lips to say it - YES, I did study beforehand. Lol I still woulda been out.

But um yeah...brighter Spring Break is pretty much upon us as we speak! No real plans (besides studying & working my ass off on Phon. Syn. & my Afro paper). Steph and her cuzzo Jece invited me to A.C. for a little getaway. And they tryna get me in on these Fake's they tryna get....I guess to get in the clubs & stuff. Um, that idea ~ not so much.
I keep hearing mad stuff about this young man's album so I'll have to do a review of my own soon.

Me & Q-Tip are fine. =) We both been hectic wit exams so we jus chilled the other nite. Glad he's close for when we go home. Def should be hittin that up. U already

Oh yeah my necklace came today! Was tryna take a pic of my actual one but I can't find my camera for nothin and my celly was comin out dumb fuzzy so here's a reg one:

I just randomly found it while I was cruising one day and I thought it was dumb cute!!! So yah - but um - the key stayin on my neck for a while - we'll see how it pans out.
But yeah think this is all for the up-up (update that is, lmao). Shots tonite then Big-Gurl Doc tomorrow afternoon. Muahz!
B.I.W.I. ♥

Do You Have A ♥ ?

3.09.2009 by Dizzy♥

I know, I know you do.

So, I gotta support the org. I ask all of my lover-ly followers & readers and those just passing through to take *5* minutes of your time and visit the link below. We are trying to raise those $$$ towards the Embrace Kids Foundation. Literally luvs, ANYthing helps. Por favor?


Thank you!

Throwback: Lucy Pearl

3.08.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, stumbled across this cd in my room @ home. Um yeah not too sure what became of them - but I LOVED this track. Do you remember 'em? Not too sure why they're baby-oiled up lol. Guess it's an effect. Anywayz, hope ya like!


Feelz Good 2 B Home

by Dizzy♥

Hola luv's!

Ahh, it feels good to have a stable internet connection on my laptop again. I went home this weekend to get my hair done and chill with my mommy. I must admit - it felt good. Besidez the fact that the weather was BEAUTIFUL, when I was home I felt so...stressfree; carefree; and like all my worryz associated wit school and the people there were just nonexistent. I wanted to stay home forever! Lol.
But snap-back to reality. Got 2 exams this week, starting tomorrow so it goes without saying my dream was simply that. Good news tho is my spring break starts this Friday.Yay!

Lemme see... recap? Um, well....Thurs nite/early Friday morn. went to see Q-Tip after I got off from work.....let's just say he fulfilled his promise. (scroll down to bout 3/4 of the post). LMAO So, not to delve too much into it but, I've never been this sore in my life! :-0. But he agreed we was def wildin when he hit me up the following evening (which I so wasn't expecting him to do, since he told me he likes to keep his own space when dealing wit girls. Hmm.. maybe I'm not just ur average girl? ;-) Well, of course I mean I knew that I'm jus saying...I'm jus saying). Lol

Friday morning/afternoon went to get my micros. I adored having my hair out and I loved the way it looked on me but right behind my left ear it broke off tremendously bad (yikes!) so I refuse to put anymore perm to it for A WHILE. The micros came out cute - except for the fact it took 6 hours!!!!! I know it can take longer and I myself have (the most was 9) but I'm usually out in 4 so that made this process all the more harder. But, like they say beauty is pain. Maybe next round will be better.

Um, Saturday I went to the Flower Show in Philly with my mom. It was held in the Convention Center and below are some pics I snapped on my phone (little ghetto I know). I really could care less about the show - I only went cause my mom wanted to and I wanted to spend time with her. I woulda been satisfied wit jus goin out to eat (which we did afterwards anyway...Ruby Tuesday..can we say...delish?). But some of the displays were gorgeous. However, I personally feel this event is highly overrated, overcrowded and overpriced. $26 for a general adult ticket,$17 for a student and $13 for a child (2-16) ~ so you best believe I passed for a child that day thanks to my mom.(HAHA! Guess the braces still come in handy for something). My mom just wanted to go to say she had been since she always heard about it and I just wanted to be with my mommy - so in the end we both got wat we wanted.


SB: You KNOW I had to tell you what I had to eat - cuz I'm such a fat a** at heart. Lol So, I had 'Asian Dumplings' for my appetizer - aka "Pot Stickers" at some other places, a half rack of ribs/ Louisiana fried shrimp for my entree/ strawberries and ice cream for dessert and not to mention my strawberry lemonade which was bangin' and my Ruby T (homemade iced tea w/ pomegranata juice). Everything was bangin' and I will most def be goin back ASAP. Peep my strawberries & ice cream below.

Spent my evening last night creeping myself out watching horror movies on the SciFi channel. Lol. Then today took my car to the Car Wash (finally!) after it was looking a mess after all those snowstorms. Pissed as hell that one of my roommates took our parking deck pass with her and I had to park by a meter on the street. I swear if it rains b4 I have a chance to put it in a deck ~ SOMEBODY's gonna hear my mouth. Seriously, I JUST f'in washed it.

So yeah, I believe that's how I spent my weekend. How was yours? Anywayz, dance rehearsal and studying for Afromusicology exam tomorrow. Wish me luck!

O.I.Y.D. ♥


3.02.2009 by Dizzy♥

The mask comez off for the next 60 seconds.

I'm sick of you.

I'm fuckin sick you. I'm sick of waiting around. I'm sick of your bullshit ass excuses. I'm sick of giving you a million second chances. And I'm sick of always being your victim.

So I won't be. The next time you wanna drink & smoke in the same nite you was sposed to come see me, I truly hope the hazel fumes close in around your throat. (Lol, aight a lil extreme)

You put up this thick ass wall and play me at a distance and for what? Shit's not even worth it. Excuse me, you not even worth it. Truth be told luv, dudez like you are a dime a dozen here. Look the fuck around. If I wanted to wait up all night, weak ass text back and forth, listen to empty promises only to fall asleep alone - don't you think I'd still be wit D.V. & Time Check's asses right now????? Trust me you ain't that special. You forget it took me 2 1/2 years to notice you right?


And you truly have the audacity to catch feelings when I put you up with them when yall act EXACTLY ALIKE!!!!!! HUH??? HELLO? ARE YOU SERIOUS?! And yeah you tell me all the time how I don't deserve this and I don't deserve that. But in the end you only hurting yourself cuz you only showin that you know the gat shit you do is wrong while you CHOOSE to do it anyway.

Cuz that makes sense.

Well, whenever you ready to show me how on earth you're any different, MAYBE you can hit me up, and if I recognize the number maybe I'll even pick it up/text back - whatever you choose. Til then, I'm not even holdin my fuckin breath.

Remember Back When....

2.26.2009 by Dizzy♥

Aubrey was humble?

Me & the roomie used to always sing this little vocal exercise thingy (yeah we're geeks) lol. So I youtube'd it and bong, found it. Okay so most def. the gurls are MAD rough around the edges in this clip - in terms of singing in tune, blending and all that. But I thought this was such a pretty excerpt of when they were first starting out as a group. And it reminds me of once upon a time when Aubrey was just less...everything. Lol Just simply like the rest of her bandmates. *Sigh*

SellOut (Throwback Poem ~ Revamped)

by Dizzy♥

I can't quite remember when I wrote this. But I actually lost it, remembered about it and then found it again lol. This time around tho, I decided to tweak it a little bit. So here goes:


To my sellout…
My boo ~I always did wanna be JUST
How you could never imagine how you've choked all my expression
Stifled my thoughts...
Look how proud I am of you now
Look what you've grown up to be........
EVERYthing you said you wouldn't
You said:" Amongst me & them – you could never compare"
Funny how identical suits you far better
"Trust me and you’ll never feel that pain"
{And neva be without pleasure… eva…. again} L.F.
And now invisible scars will forever bear their hideous heads
Nestled in beds
That you and I shared
Your disappearing acts are such a f***** joke
But outside you've finished your construction
The most beautiful prison - cold & rigid
I pound my fist against your fortress’s walls, screaming
I’m right here, I’m Right Here, I’M RIGHT HERE!!!!!
But my voice lands on deaf ears…
So where am I really?

More importantly, where the hell are you?
Is it 6 floorz up….or maybe 5 townz over

But since I know you'll never return
I can finally read your Dear Jane letter
Loud & clear
So, boo
Guess there ain't much left for me to do….
Besides sell out too….
I always did wanna be just like you

Paying 4 HER Mistakes

2.24.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, last nite I spent the nite over Q-Tip's spot. (Don't worry ~ we're straight lol). But we had a little convo last nite that I woke up thinking about.

Part of the reason he, like many other young men I'm finding, is hesitant to be in an "official" relationship and quickly fall in love is because of past relationships that ended up being horrible. Like, HORRIBLE. He like many other males, explained to me that dudez falling in love & getting their hearts broken is different than from gurls. When dudez fall ~ they fall hard. So naturally the end result when *ish goes sour is pretty much recipe-for-disaster.

But, no matter how many timez I hear this story, I can't stop thinking........ not every gurl out there is going to break your heart. And more importantly - I AM CERTAINLY NOT EVERY GURL, SO I AM NOT GOING TO BREAK YOUR HEART. SO JUST....LET IT......GO. I understand once is enough but it's def. not fair to make every new gurl in your life have to suffer and deal with glueing the pieces back together on our own cause of what some inconsiderate broad did before we came along. If you go through life with this big padlock on, you're robbing others of getting to feel the real you and in return, you're not nearly feeling what you could be to its fullest capacity. And if females bounce back faster cause we're supposedly "stronger" in that sense, why don't you just take a page out of our book that we could be in this together?.....

Idk, I know that all of these wordz are easier said than done....But don't you realize it's all the more harder if the 'doing' part of it never even starts?

Just my thoughts....

A.I.W.I.E. ♥

Tha Beautiful Ppl

2.20.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, I wanted to compile a post of photos I've ran across over the dayz that caught me eye. Male & Female. The onez where I actually look just a sec longer and be like ~ wow, that's actually hot. Or something along those linez that makes me wanna take pics that ppl stare at too. Hehe

Oh yeah, DON'T start going off on the side about talent, careers, none of that. This post is about the asthetics. Everything else can come some other time. And p.s. Is it even really necessary for me to add the *no homo* disclaimer? I just recognize what's (in my opinion) appeasing.

So here we go.... if it bombz - hey it's only round 1.....
First up is Miss Megan Fox @ the Golden Globes. For those who are unfamiliar, she was the leading lady in Transformers. Peeped this over on Kim K's blog. Thought the whole look was fierce.

Next is none other than Miss Lauren London. or unfortunately known as "New-New". Loved her ever since ATL. Still on the rise.
Miss Mya. Shoutoutz to the fellow dancer. Pic which I believe is from Vibe Vixen mag (not video vixens) is actually up on my wall. I thought this pose looked very elegant.

Of course none other than tha hubby, tha KING - T.I. I used this is one of my very first posts. The black & white/beach look got me. The other's just a bonus. :-)

Yes, another garnered career from the F.O.L. series but I admit, the gurl is very pretty. Don't know about the whole lack-of-clothing choice (lol) but I loved her skin tone, the jewelry and her eye color in this shot. Miss Candace Cabrera aka "Black".

Stank face and all, the XXL Eye Candy of the Year had a nice mag cover. Her title shoot tho was way more classy, IMO, which is what I really liked.

Peeped these yesterday of Mr. Lebron James. Again, something about black & white adds something to pics. I don't believe I ever saw him in any shoots like this previously.

Despite all the DRAMA surrounding the singer, I wanted to add this one. I remember thinking the layout of this album cover was very cute. The line/curve of her frame surrounded by the highlight and then shadow was a cool effect. P.S. Today is her 21st birthday.

This one's an oldie but a goody for me. People often complain that Trey be lookin mad regular but I think that's what worked in this pic. It's something real comfortable about it. The happy trail is a cute touch lol. But the demeanor is what appealed to me most. Cute!

Miss Nicole Ari Parker. Best known for her role on Soul Food The Series and as Reese in Brown Sugar, also Boris Kodjoe's lovely wife. I always thought she was beautiful and this pic is very warm and sultry in a way.

Last but certainly not least (no pun intended) - Tyson. While I was saving pics I wanted to post, THIS pops up on the second page in Google. You already. Lol. Um........I actually don't think I have any wordz. I'll just let this one rock for yall. Lol Besidez, what's more beautiful than being comfortable in how God initially intended us to be?
Hope ya liked! Muah
N.D.I.B. ♥