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Bleu Martini

3.21.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, last nite, maaad last minute ~ I went with my *favorite* cuzin & 2 of her co-workers to ^ this spot in Olde City, Philly. Good a** time! Lol

Tell me why I only had 1 pomegranate & 1 bleu martini and ur gurl was actually leaning a bit. ;-) The cuzzo says thats the difference between "top shelf" liquor & the rest. (Had to be ~ cuz Dizzy is nobody's lightweight lol. Not to mention we damn sure paid "top shelf" price for them). Tab clocked out at almost $250.

Sorry, no pics this time around either. Told u it was last minute! Imma get on it tho, I promise.

I swear, seeing old(er) ppl drunk is HILARIOUS. Actually, I think this was the first time I seen my cuz like drunk-drunk. Her co-workers were mad nice and funny as hell too. At first, I was jus doin my best to blend in wit the old-heads so it wasn't no issue. But I got thru the door smooth as hell so after that, & after my first (extremely strong) drink, I was def like f*** it. Lol Gotta admit - it was fun eyeing dudez as they walked in (we was rite by the door); them smiling @ me and me smiling back cuz I kno they ain't gonna get what they want. LMAO

I had to drive us home since I was the least-drunk. But wasn't actually in the best condition to drive cross the Ben Franklin. (shhhh!) But CLEARLY we all made it home safe so Im actually pretty proud of myself.

Finished out my nite wit the usual X-rated drunk texts to the boo. Lol {He knowz wats going down, and he don't mind either way} It has yet to happen, but I don't think neither of us will be ready the nite we catch each other with alcohol in our systems heavy!!!!! Lol.
Woke up pretty early this morning. (Like 8-9 ish, WTF?) All I felt was sleepy, not hungover. And just thirsty as hell.

So, I'm jus spending the rest of the afternoon wit 32 oz. gatorade and gettin my *ish ready to head back up to New Brunzwick tonite. SO not lookin forward to it......Im on duty tonite as well. Otherwise, knowing me I'd much rather stay til Monday morning.
Good f'in timez.

B.I.W.I. ♥

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April Rose said...


I can only imagine yall drunk... together. Must have been ridiculously funny.

I did the same thing with Sara and her friends at this spot called Deuce out in Philly. Good times.

franii [fran-daddy] said...

lol ur girl was leaning.... lmao

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

I wanna see yall drunk