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3.02.2009 by Dizzy♥

The mask comez off for the next 60 seconds.

I'm sick of you.

I'm fuckin sick you. I'm sick of waiting around. I'm sick of your bullshit ass excuses. I'm sick of giving you a million second chances. And I'm sick of always being your victim.

So I won't be. The next time you wanna drink & smoke in the same nite you was sposed to come see me, I truly hope the hazel fumes close in around your throat. (Lol, aight a lil extreme)

You put up this thick ass wall and play me at a distance and for what? Shit's not even worth it. Excuse me, you not even worth it. Truth be told luv, dudez like you are a dime a dozen here. Look the fuck around. If I wanted to wait up all night, weak ass text back and forth, listen to empty promises only to fall asleep alone - don't you think I'd still be wit D.V. & Time Check's asses right now????? Trust me you ain't that special. You forget it took me 2 1/2 years to notice you right?


And you truly have the audacity to catch feelings when I put you up with them when yall act EXACTLY ALIKE!!!!!! HUH??? HELLO? ARE YOU SERIOUS?! And yeah you tell me all the time how I don't deserve this and I don't deserve that. But in the end you only hurting yourself cuz you only showin that you know the gat shit you do is wrong while you CHOOSE to do it anyway.

Cuz that makes sense.

Well, whenever you ready to show me how on earth you're any different, MAYBE you can hit me up, and if I recognize the number maybe I'll even pick it up/text back - whatever you choose. Til then, I'm not even holdin my fuckin breath.

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franii [fran-daddy] said...

ummmm...damn. power to u sista

April Rose said...

Why am I just now reading this? LMAO.


Sorry. That was funny. You tell em bestie!