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3.12.2009 by Dizzy♥

Aight, I know I've been slacking on the updates this week but I'm right in the middle of my exam time. =(

First Thingz First - NEW LAYOUT! Do ya like? Kinda remindz me of the Tiffany boxes I adore so much. As for the header - lol a little strong but I think its hot. :-)
Anywayz - as for the books:
First was Span. Lit - Eh...
Second was Afromusicology which was so ridic. easy
Third was SUPPOSED to be Phonology - today actually. (more on that below)
And fourth is a take-home for Syntax which'll be due after we come back.

So *ahem* for Phon., which I was scared to take all week, I went to talk with my prof on Wed. and that made me feel a tad bit better. Tried to study more that nite - but to not much avail - Drew and the (now EX-) husband came thru to visit. Ending up giving up shortly after they left. Woke up early this morning to try to cram some more into my head and just felt SOOOO not prepared. So if yall promise not to tell, lol, told a little white lie to get out of it and now I get to take it later on. Sorry if anybody despises ppl who do this.

But on a sidenote, this semester I have no room to just do okay - which is prob what I woulda got if I took that jawn today. I need to do ALL my classes. So, sorry if it seems selfish but honestly, I look at this one as doing what I needed to do. And b4 you even fix ur lips to say it - YES, I did study beforehand. Lol I still woulda been out.

But um yeah...brighter Spring Break is pretty much upon us as we speak! No real plans (besides studying & working my ass off on Phon. Syn. & my Afro paper). Steph and her cuzzo Jece invited me to A.C. for a little getaway. And they tryna get me in on these Fake's they tryna get....I guess to get in the clubs & stuff. Um, that idea ~ not so much.
I keep hearing mad stuff about this young man's album so I'll have to do a review of my own soon.

Me & Q-Tip are fine. =) We both been hectic wit exams so we jus chilled the other nite. Glad he's close for when we go home. Def should be hittin that up. U already

Oh yeah my necklace came today! Was tryna take a pic of my actual one but I can't find my camera for nothin and my celly was comin out dumb fuzzy so here's a reg one:

I just randomly found it while I was cruising one day and I thought it was dumb cute!!! So yah - but um - the key stayin on my neck for a while - we'll see how it pans out.
But yeah think this is all for the up-up (update that is, lmao). Shots tonite then Big-Gurl Doc tomorrow afternoon. Muahz!
B.I.W.I. ♥

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franii [fran-daddy] said...

ummm the gun lol little strong at 10 in the mornin lol

Dizzy♥ said...

I hope it won't scare too many ppl away!