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3.22.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, the day that me & the cuzzo went out - we hit up M.A.C. cuz she wanted some pressed powder. Well, I'm proud to say.....I lost my M.A.C. v-card that day! :-) After wat seemed an eternity I ended up with these two lovely's:

The first is the Matte Eyeshadow in Fig. 1 (a deep plum shade) and their regular shadow in Expensive Pink (how ironic) lol, which is a gold-ish pink.
Needless to say, I love them! The guy at the store suggested these for my yellow undertone when I said I was looking for an 'everyday type' look and I usually favor golds. The pink shade is applied all over from lashline to eyebrow. Then the purple is dashed on on my outer corners and also along my lower lash line:
Sorry the pic isn't the greatest. But I must say I def. will be returning for more shades in the future. I've gotten mad compliments thus far whenever I wear them :-) Highly recommended!
Oh yeah, how could I forget - I got Lipglass too!!!!! (I swear I'm like a lil gurl in a candy store when it comez to makeup). This is Nymphette:

Which is another gold-ish pink shade, which kinda compliments the pink shadow. And it's not frosty at all, given its opaqueness. Lovez it!
Hope ya liked! Muahz.
A.I.W.I.E. ♥

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