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Nope, Just Kidding

3.19.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, as I stated b4 I was scared out my mind at the thought that I might've actually been *gasp* pregnant. But, to much avail.........I got my monthly yesterday! I am so grateful for these cramps rite now.Lol (sorry if it's TMI for any of yall out there). So yeah, told the bestie when/if I got it ~ we were DEF celebrating, which we did. Me, her & Ja hit up Ruby Tues. (lol) and I got my strawberry lemonade, along with some others. Fun timez.

On another scary note, the boo def. almost got locked for conspiracy & pos. of weapons last nite. Here I was, mad of course cuz he just stopped texting me out the blue, meanwhile he's somewhere dealing with this *ish. Crazy. Thank GOD they let them go (it was his boy's + dudez father is a State boy).

My life...never a dull moment.

A.I.W.I.E. ♥

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