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Purple Kisses

3.17.2009 by Dizzy♥

Morning, luv's!

Well, pretty much afternoon now. Lol

Spring Break's going pretty good so complaints. Prob should have my nose in a book rite now...BUT I'm not.

Um, the reason for the pic to the right was inspired by last nite w/ Q-Tip. Nothing major ~ we was jus out riding around for a lil bit cuz we needed to see each other (it's been bout a week) and I just wanted to be wit my boo. :-) Ended up sneaking me into his basement for a little while (YES, I KNOW ON SOME LITTLE KID *ISH, but hey - it was fun HAHA) But lately, esp. since I been home, for some reason I keep wanting to kiss KISS him. Like make him wanna....yeah from my kisses. And jus enjoy ever Lmao. Idk how to explain but yeah. So, last nite I made sure to get wat I wanted.....well, not exactly. Cuz we both actually ended up wanting to.....YEAH. But we couldn't clearly. Kinda bad timing. But, nevertheless - fun nite w/ tha luv.

So, not sure if this applies to any of yall but, Happy St. Patrick's Day? I was just gonna be a bum today but I think I'm gonna re-nig and try my hand at Irish Potatoes. And by Irish Potatoes I mean these:

Last time I tasted one of these, I think I was in 7th grade. They're a candy made from cream cheese, coconut, sugar & cinnamon I believe (off the top of my head). Pics to come! (Thanx from boredom).
SB: Not gonna lie....I'm expecting my monthly and I'm starting to get more & more nervous everyday. Lord knows I'm one of the most impatient ppl on this earth so this is like the WORST TEST EVER!!!!! *Sigh* Plz pray for me.
D.Y.F.A.M ♥

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