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The Fast Lane

Remember Back When....

2.26.2009 by Dizzy♥

Aubrey was humble?

Me & the roomie used to always sing this little vocal exercise thingy (yeah we're geeks) lol. So I youtube'd it and bong, found it. Okay so most def. the gurls are MAD rough around the edges in this clip - in terms of singing in tune, blending and all that. But I thought this was such a pretty excerpt of when they were first starting out as a group. And it reminds me of once upon a time when Aubrey was just less...everything. Lol Just simply like the rest of her bandmates. *Sigh*

SellOut (Throwback Poem ~ Revamped)

by Dizzy♥

I can't quite remember when I wrote this. But I actually lost it, remembered about it and then found it again lol. This time around tho, I decided to tweak it a little bit. So here goes:


To my sellout…
My boo ~I always did wanna be JUST
How you could never imagine how you've choked all my expression
Stifled my thoughts...
Look how proud I am of you now
Look what you've grown up to be........
EVERYthing you said you wouldn't
You said:" Amongst me & them – you could never compare"
Funny how identical suits you far better
"Trust me and you’ll never feel that pain"
{And neva be without pleasure… eva…. again} L.F.
And now invisible scars will forever bear their hideous heads
Nestled in beds
That you and I shared
Your disappearing acts are such a f***** joke
But outside you've finished your construction
The most beautiful prison - cold & rigid
I pound my fist against your fortress’s walls, screaming
I’m right here, I’m Right Here, I’M RIGHT HERE!!!!!
But my voice lands on deaf ears…
So where am I really?

More importantly, where the hell are you?
Is it 6 floorz up….or maybe 5 townz over

But since I know you'll never return
I can finally read your Dear Jane letter
Loud & clear
So, boo
Guess there ain't much left for me to do….
Besides sell out too….
I always did wanna be just like you

Paying 4 HER Mistakes

2.24.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, last nite I spent the nite over Q-Tip's spot. (Don't worry ~ we're straight lol). But we had a little convo last nite that I woke up thinking about.

Part of the reason he, like many other young men I'm finding, is hesitant to be in an "official" relationship and quickly fall in love is because of past relationships that ended up being horrible. Like, HORRIBLE. He like many other males, explained to me that dudez falling in love & getting their hearts broken is different than from gurls. When dudez fall ~ they fall hard. So naturally the end result when *ish goes sour is pretty much recipe-for-disaster.

But, no matter how many timez I hear this story, I can't stop thinking........ not every gurl out there is going to break your heart. And more importantly - I AM CERTAINLY NOT EVERY GURL, SO I AM NOT GOING TO BREAK YOUR HEART. SO JUST....LET IT......GO. I understand once is enough but it's def. not fair to make every new gurl in your life have to suffer and deal with glueing the pieces back together on our own cause of what some inconsiderate broad did before we came along. If you go through life with this big padlock on, you're robbing others of getting to feel the real you and in return, you're not nearly feeling what you could be to its fullest capacity. And if females bounce back faster cause we're supposedly "stronger" in that sense, why don't you just take a page out of our book that we could be in this together?.....

Idk, I know that all of these wordz are easier said than done....But don't you realize it's all the more harder if the 'doing' part of it never even starts?

Just my thoughts....

A.I.W.I.E. ♥

Tha Beautiful Ppl

2.20.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, I wanted to compile a post of photos I've ran across over the dayz that caught me eye. Male & Female. The onez where I actually look just a sec longer and be like ~ wow, that's actually hot. Or something along those linez that makes me wanna take pics that ppl stare at too. Hehe

Oh yeah, DON'T start going off on the side about talent, careers, none of that. This post is about the asthetics. Everything else can come some other time. And p.s. Is it even really necessary for me to add the *no homo* disclaimer? I just recognize what's (in my opinion) appeasing.

So here we go.... if it bombz - hey it's only round 1.....
First up is Miss Megan Fox @ the Golden Globes. For those who are unfamiliar, she was the leading lady in Transformers. Peeped this over on Kim K's blog. Thought the whole look was fierce.

Next is none other than Miss Lauren London. or unfortunately known as "New-New". Loved her ever since ATL. Still on the rise.
Miss Mya. Shoutoutz to the fellow dancer. Pic which I believe is from Vibe Vixen mag (not video vixens) is actually up on my wall. I thought this pose looked very elegant.

Of course none other than tha hubby, tha KING - T.I. I used this is one of my very first posts. The black & white/beach look got me. The other's just a bonus. :-)

Yes, another garnered career from the F.O.L. series but I admit, the gurl is very pretty. Don't know about the whole lack-of-clothing choice (lol) but I loved her skin tone, the jewelry and her eye color in this shot. Miss Candace Cabrera aka "Black".

Stank face and all, the XXL Eye Candy of the Year had a nice mag cover. Her title shoot tho was way more classy, IMO, which is what I really liked.

Peeped these yesterday of Mr. Lebron James. Again, something about black & white adds something to pics. I don't believe I ever saw him in any shoots like this previously.

Despite all the DRAMA surrounding the singer, I wanted to add this one. I remember thinking the layout of this album cover was very cute. The line/curve of her frame surrounded by the highlight and then shadow was a cool effect. P.S. Today is her 21st birthday.

This one's an oldie but a goody for me. People often complain that Trey be lookin mad regular but I think that's what worked in this pic. It's something real comfortable about it. The happy trail is a cute touch lol. But the demeanor is what appealed to me most. Cute!

Miss Nicole Ari Parker. Best known for her role on Soul Food The Series and as Reese in Brown Sugar, also Boris Kodjoe's lovely wife. I always thought she was beautiful and this pic is very warm and sultry in a way.

Last but certainly not least (no pun intended) - Tyson. While I was saving pics I wanted to post, THIS pops up on the second page in Google. You already. Lol. Um........I actually don't think I have any wordz. I'll just let this one rock for yall. Lol Besidez, what's more beautiful than being comfortable in how God initially intended us to be?
Hope ya liked! Muah
N.D.I.B. ♥

It's Jus Me & U

2.19.2009 by Dizzy♥


I know it's early....DUMB early actually. But I'm bout to dip off to my 9:50. Just wanted to post this cuz I STILL woke up dancing from last nite (had 2 separate rehearsals over the course of 3 1/2 hours ~ both hip hop dances). Last nite reminded me of this video. Haha - the DANCING aspect - clearly not the singing. Jus thought it was cute. Enjoy your day!

A.I.W.I.E. ♥

10 Cosas

2.18.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, so far I REFUSED to give in to the 25 Randomz Bandwagon (emphasis on SO FAR lol). But the other day my roomie found this note on Facebook from a gurl we went to high school with and I thought the concept was cute + it's a way for you all to know me just a tad bit better. Hope ya like!

10 Thingz

TEN things you wish you could say to TEN different people right now:
1."1st thing ~ decaf".
2. "I'm sick of you. You know what? Lose the f***** number."
3. "So, you can text me on your own account and play-fight me in public but you fade all my messages?".
4. "I'm really starting to like you luv...a lot. Hope you feel the same".
5. "You're not down". lol
6. "I still think you're a cutie but I SO don't feel like I'm on your radar anymore".
7. "Fix your face".
8. "I was really looking foward to being your "first lady". More than anybody else."
9. "I miss you and I love you".
10. "I miss what we used to be".

NINE things about yourself:
1. I hate when people cut me off (driving or walking) and then proceed to go slower than me
2. I feel like no male at my school wants a relationship
3. I've never had the chicken box
4. The only (real) thing I'm allergic to is fake jewelry (I had expensive taste from birth haha)
5. I only wear Vicky Secret underwear
6. I aspire to be a Speech Pathologist since I was always correcting my family members' speech
7. My only fear is being forgotten/abandoned
8. I LOVE FOOD and I virtually eat almost everything
9. Me & my dad have the same birthday

EIGHT ways to win your heart:
1. Adore me....and show me
2. Be a every sense of the word. But still hold ur own - I shouldn't have more balls than you.
3. Find out what I like - without me telling you
4. NEVER fall off
5. Make me laugh when I'm bawling my eyes out
6. Be patient
7. Be yourself - by that I mean, be like no other
8. Love life and have aspirations. Stick wit me - you goin' places kid.

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot:
1. D.V. (Yes, still)
2. Q-Tip
3. Who I'll end up marrying
4. What it'd be like if my dad was still alive
5. Will I ever make it to grad school
6. Can I really have all 5 kids??
7. If I'm destined for something greater than what I'm currently chasing

SIX things you do before you go to bed:
1. Text the boo
2. Wash off the mascara & foundation
3. Check the email, Facebook, and the blogz
4. Stuff my face
5. Think about the next thing to spend money I don't have on
6. Think about letting Q-Tip **** the **** outta me. Lol!

FIVE people who mean a lot.
1. My mommy
2. My daddy
3. Cuzzo's (blood and non-blood)
4. Bestie, Brothers & Sisters (tha brown & gold pham)
5. ALL OF MY FAM! They'll always be there when nobody else will

FOUR things you’re wearing right now.
1. Light blue skinny jeans
2. My ♥ on my sleeve
3. Sky blue long-sleeve top from O.N.
4. Yellow V.S. boy shorts w/ navy blue PINK shields

THREE songs that fit your life perfectly (at the moment).
1. "Feelin' You" - Solange Knowles
2. "Broken-Hearted Girl " - Beyonce
3. "How It Was Supposed To Be" - Ryan Leslie

TWO things you want to do before you die:
1. Raise a family - teach them every lesson I've ever learned and give them the tools to be better than me
2. Visit the motherland - Panamá, that is

ONE confession:
1. I'm a big ball of insecurities. But I try my hardest to never let it peek through. And I spend everyday to be better, wiser, more fabulous and more unforgettable than the day before. Best of all - you know you love me.

Can U Say 'Best Feb.14th Ever!' ??

2.16.2009 by Dizzy♥

Yeah. I gotta admit it. This Valentine's Day was literally the best one I ever had. From start to finish (well, almost lol) it was sooooo cute! So, let's recap:

Spent the whole late morning/afternoon cleaning up the apt...

Finally got Q-Tip around 5. (of course) Then, we went in on the main course/ making dessert. He ended up dipping most of the strawberries since he tried to come at my skills. Couldn't snap a "finished product" pic so here's one of the few that were left (after us & the roomies got to em:


Let's see what else....oh yeah in the middle of dinner (sorry couldn't snap any pics of the meal) I asked him what he got me for V-Day lol. And he responded 'huh? I thought we weren't getting each other anything'. So I say 'yeah but everybody knows that no really means yes to a gurl on V-Day'. So he shrugs and walks off to the room....a sec later he comes out & gives me these:

I know they're the typical gifts but you gotta understand my Valentine's Days freshman and sophomore years were not the greatest. And we only been talking for about a month.
So anyway, dinner was BANGIN'. I hooked up the Teriyaki Chicken (sauce from scratch, by the way) while he hit up the spanish rice & string beans. We threw down =)

We topped off the night with these: [my HIGHLY anticipated]

GODIVA CHOCOLATE MARTINI'S! Handmade by yours truly (Q-Tip helped mix). Looked pretty good if I do say so myself.

The bestie unfortunately couldn't make to partake with us :-( But I must say the martini was GOOD! Tastes just like chocolate milk with a little kick in it. If you're a chocolate-lova, I highly recommend them.
1/2 shots of Godiva liqueur
1 1/2 shots of Creme de Cacao
1/2 shot vodka
2 1/2 shots of Half & Half

The rest of the night was jus spent watching a Cheaters marathon which was on all nite (LMAO), a good massage, and some 'just us' time. I do confess that Q-Tip really made me feel...dare I say it....special? Loved it!
Oh, yeah. For my look I went with a pale shimmery eye. I blended a very shimmery silver all over my lid(Bare Minerals in Celestine) with a dark gray I had in the crease & outer corner. Finished with the Givenchy mascara, just on the top lashes (loving it, by the way)
Came out like so:

Actually looks a lil like eye gloss. Lol Prob the flash.
So that's how I spent my 14th. Hope yours was all you wanted it to be!
O.I.Y.D. ♥


2.14.2009 by Dizzy♥


Now, I know how some of y'all feel...that it's just a "hallmark holiday" and that "you don't need a holiday to show the ones you love how you feel" which is true, but I believe a special day out of the year is still a fun way to celebrate your luv's. For whatever reason, I love love and I simply love life.

I tried to find some history on Saint Valentine and this day (just to drop some knowledge) but everywhere I looked, stories were mixed. But from some of what I found:
A) Back in the day, a Roman emperor found that single men made better soldiers than ones with wives and a family so he wanted marriages ceased. Saint Valentine still tried to marry couples on the low and when emperor found out ~ off with his head.
B) Another one says that the saint sent the first valentine himself, to a girl he fell in love with while imprisoned. Before he died, he wrote a letter and signed it "From Your Valentine", which is how a lot of people sign Valentine's Day cards today.

Well, y'all know I wasn't there and I'm pretty sure y'all weren't either. So really, none of these myths could actually be true. Or parts could be true. But hey - who knows.

I myself have 3 Valentines this year (lucky me). Sike nah, only 1 of them is verdadero. One's an extremely good friend of mine (Jefe) and the other is just a young boi (who also asked my sister to be his valentine as well, btw. Lol - joke).

For tha nite, I'm trying:
Godiva Chocolate Martini's
Main course of Teriyaki Chicken (sides & veggies) {which Q-Tip is helping with :-)}
Finished by the infamous Chocolate Covered Strawberries (milk chocolate w/ & w/o a white chocolate drizzle).

I admit a while ago I was opposed to chocolate martini's like others (*ahem* Q-Tip) but they've grown on me and well..... just think of it as like....a dessert. Lol. Now, why it's first on the list - don't really have a good reason. I just wanna go hyph with the chocolate cuz it's Valentine's Day. LMAO!

But anyway, rest assured PICS WILL FOLLOW - I PROMISE!

Ooh, I also need a look. Hmmm.... not even sure what I'm wearing (nothing too crazy). I wanted to post it tonight but I guess I'll just have to see what I piece together when I wake up tomorrow. So, I guess I'll share post-festivities.

If you can't tell - I actually think I'm excited this year. (My mind is a little all over the place). I got a sweetie coming thru, yummy & chocolate-filled menu on deck, ANOTHER yummy menu on deck after that ;-) haha and just a fun time planned.

So to all of my readers out there - if you don't necessarily care for V-Day: hey, to each his own.
To all those who do: whomever you love or are in love with, just love them. Point blank.


"But don't change a hair for me
Not if you care for me
Stay, little Valentine, STAY
{Come on and stay}
Each day is Valentine's Day"
~ My Funny Valentine

Y.K.Y.L.M. ♥

"I Can't Get Over U ~ I Think About U All The Time"

2.12.2009 by Dizzy♥

2 more days!!!!!

But til then.....

This came on my iPod shuffle while I was on my way back from my 1st class. (Which was cancelled by the way because a student passed out in the first 5 min. *In my prayers*). So, just decided to share. Remember this? Muahz!


N.D.I.B. ♥

Can U Blame Me?

2.09.2009 by Dizzy♥

Yah, I'm going hyph with the posts cause my 2nd class was cancelled today. Muah! Lol.

But um, question of the day: is it bad that I got a new one? Well, not officially but he could be a prospect. It's still too soon to tell. But since it's only right, we shall name him Rico. Lmao as in Rico Suave. We always half-flirt when we see each other, cuz we run into each other all the time in my building. But purely innocent. We just happened to exchange numbers this weekend (bout time) and he ever-so-discreetly asked me out on a date. (My pay-back for not getting him a cinnabon when I went to the mall lol.) I admit he's a little cutie. And the 'Good Morning beautiful' text in my 1st class was refreshing as well. But lemme not jinx it. Tryna play my cardz right.

Random: The orange juice from Au Bon Pain is MAD GOOD! Lol.

Did you know the little paper sleeves the hash browns from McDonald's says 'Wakey Wakey' on them? Lol. Wat?

Y.K.Y.L.M. ♥


by Dizzy♥

I think the Roman Numerals might come to an end eventually. I can only go up but so far. Lol.

My newest installment in the book! Today I'm gonna share my latest purchases. Yesterday I hit up the Sephora;dropped a cool $80+. *Sigh* The costs of being me. J/K

So first up, the INFAMOUS:
This would be the new Givenchy Phenomenon'EYES Mascara. There's been mad hype regarding this, mostly because of its unique brush, its spherical as opposed to the traditional horizontal ones. I just tried it this morning likey. The main thing I look for in a mascara is a lengthening and curling effect, you know to make my eyes look 'flirty'?, if thats a good word. This one did its job. The brand claims that the special brush grips even the tiniest, thinnest, lightest eyelashes and still gives them a magnified effect. A little pricey, but worth it.

This is a new, limited edition of Too Faced's Emotionall Activated Lip Gloss. You may have noticed I own the original formula (in one of my other beauty books). What it does is, according to your body temp, the sheer(blue) shimmery gloss changes to your own perfect shade of pink. [Of course it don't really start out blue on people of the darker persuasion.] This is similar to Smashbox's famous O-Gloss, that goes from clear to a pink shade that personally compliments your own skintone. For some reason, I like this version better than the plain one. The cute, little smurfette is a nice, girly touch as well. [Tho.....they say why date a smurf when you can have a man? LOL Semi-Insider]


I picked up a Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals Glimpse Eyeshadow in Gal Pal (the shade on the right). I picked this up because walking around the store, glancing in all those mirrors, my face seemed a little washed out. So why not add a little color. I've been very hesitant with the blushes (ever since an ex said I looked like I got punched in the face). I usually only use cheek stains when the heavier looks call for it. So I liked this shadow cause (contrary to the pic) it has medium-light pink shade that I think compliments my golden skin tone.

Lastly: (for the purchases)

Here we have Smashbpx's Photo Finish foundation primer. What got me first was the name (thought it was cute). I haven't tried this yet honestly, but I will asap. Mainly because personally I have oily skin, and what this primer does (similar to eyeshadow primer) it helps your foundation stay in place all day, instead of rubbing off on clothes,etc. Interestingly, I believed Kim K. (gasp! yes, I read her blog from time to time) posted an article about this and she said that a lot of makeup artists actually don't like primers cause your 'natural oils' should be incorporated with your makeup.........*blank stare*. Well, she said "oh well" to that and I think I am as well. Will let you know how it turns out.

Final one:

You may recall the commercial with Miss Rihanna for this mascara, the Cover Girl Exact Eyelights, which is said to enhance the color of blue, green, brown & hazel eyes.... How can I put this succinctly..........
This did absolutely nothing for my eye shade and doesn't impress me as far as mascaras go either. Don't waste your money. I'll leave it at that.

If U Used To Him, U Betta Get Used To Her

2.08.2009 by Dizzy♥

*HER being me, of course* lol.

So here is a prime example of how previous relationships can sabotage your currents and your futures. Take notes.

As posted before, Q-Tip was supposed to pay me a visit this past Friday night so we Lol. So the night was going fine, I asked wat time he'd be over here and he replied around 12-ish. I asked for a little more time (to get pretty and all that) and he said 'sure, jus lemme know'.
So, hit him up @ 12:45 I believe, sayin coast was clear. He responded, cool -i'll let you know when I get there.
Time goes by....

1:45 rolls around. I impatiently text him 'Today, luv'. To which he responds, "he's working on it".

Time goes by....

2:45 rolls around. By this time, I've called him ~ to which I receive no answer. Another semi-angry text follows, saying 'If you not coming, just say so". (A bit childish, I know).
Little more time goes by.....

3:00 am hits. Now I'm mad. I call him once more (to give him the very last bit of benefit-of-the-doubt I have left in me). Then I proceed to forward my signature, purely angry text reading:

"Well, I hope you're having fun wherever you are.
Thanx 4 makin me wait 4 nothin.

Y'all know - I'm furious. Not even cause I coulda been doing other things. Not even cause he had me waiting for 3+ hours, only to disappear. But because, deep deep deep inside........................
this is the same thing D.V. used to do. ALL the time. And subconciously, it was killing me. I guess my instincts and my brain were trying to protect me from letting the same mistakes hurt me again. But truth is, I didn't even realize it at the time. Could barely fall asleep first. Couldn't bring myself to cry but couldn't bring myself to scream either. (Maybe it wasn't that serious). Didn't help that I woke up the next morning expecting a flooded inbox full of explanations. - NONE.

So I hit up my gurlies, explaining the situation. Ja & April really tried to make me see he HAD to have a bangin' excuse. Otherwise - why? Little did I know, it was the previous young man's actions that were SEVERELY preventing me from believing this at all. All types of *ish were running through my mind all afternoon. How badly I wanted to tell him to lose my number, wanting to cuss him out, wanting to call...
But I managed to hold off. Thank GOD I did.

Cause turns out, he DID have a good excuse. Little strange, but extremely valid & understandable. Not only that, but he even apologized to me and explained how unacceptable it was. :-O (He didn't even need to). My heart melted.. and I felt so bad afterwards. Lol. Cause I was SO ready to go in.

MORAL OF THE STORY: No matter how f'ed up, childish, stupid, or gat a previous relationship was, DON'T BY ANY MEANS let that pre-determine or alter how you think a new man will treat you. Give it a chance FIRST. Please. Cause you might just turn away from someone worth keeping around for awhile.

Sidebar: Is it bad I still actually miss D.V. sometimes? One of my sisters thinks I should tell him, cause he just might miss me too. Good idea? Bad idea? Well, like they say, if it's meant to be........

P.S. My title comes from "Get Used To Her" by Usher. Beautiful song. Or at least I think so.

I.W.A.L.Y. ♥

Wateva, Wateva, I Do Wat I Want

2.06.2009 by Dizzy♥

Feliz viernes, luvs!

My class was cancelled today! I was so happy... then I realized I still had to do the hw assignment. So I proceeded to work on it and was fine... then I realized it was long as *ish and I wasn't gonna finish on time, nor did I really know what I was doing at the end. :-0 (f***!) Lol. So, since it doesn't matter if you get the answers right or wrong (it's just for credit) and since he doesn't specify whether lates are accepted or not, I just did what I could, hit the 'submit' button and threw the deuces. Let's just say, Office Hours on deck.

So, in a bit I'm bout to dip off to the grocery store cuz I feel like I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO EAT IN THIS APT.! Wat I'm thinking so far is, Taco Salad, Arroz con Pollo, Pasta w/ Pesto Sauce, and of course my infamous Rice, Chicken & Cheese dish.

P.S. The strawberries trial was good. But I DESPISE white chocolate (I only tried it cuz it's used in mad types of C.C.S.) It doesn't even have real chocolate in it. (Google it ~ I kno what I'm talking about.) So I think for the 14th it's gonna be strictly milk chocolate covered ones and milk chocolate with a thin white chocolate drizzle. Delish.

** On second thought, I don't think I'm ever gonna say the word 'delish' again. I sound like a gay male. No offense.

Q-Tip should be coming thru tonite. LORD knows what's gonna happen. The young man is quite.... "passionate" about what he wants. Lmao. I say that to say.....when we were talking about his next visit and I asked him what he wanted to do, his response was simply:
"pardon my french.......f*** the s*** outta you"
Uh, okay. Lol. At least I know he's not frontin. After that, I was a lil concerned that that may be his primary focus. But after we spoke last night while I was @ work, I don't think that's the case. So it's straight. Oh yeah, I don't think I mentioned - he asked me to be his valentine too. ;-)

Sidebar: Who should hit me up the other nite on some late nite *ish but.......D.V.
I think he was tryna spark up some type of convo but....uh...huh??
And OF COURSE when I text him back during normal hours = no response.
Oh well, doesn't really phase me now. And if he really wants to reach me, clearly he still got the numba.

B.I.W.I. &hearts

It'z Tha Pretty Brown, Round Drivin' Me Wild

2.01.2009 by Dizzy♥

February's here!!!!!

You know what that means.....14 dayz of Valentine's Day! Lmao

Okay, or not. Have yet to establish my valentine yet. But hoping it will be the current luv (Q-Tip). We'll see though. Also, PLEASE BELIEVE I WILL be concocting these lovely's:

Matter fact, just looking at them, I think I just might have to have a trial run tonight. (Doesn't help that I'm starving lol). I dont think I've made these in a minute either should be fun. Pics to follow!
Speaking of Q-Tip, we just started talking heavy and already we've hit a major speed bump. Primarily, dealing with him being a member of another org. and what that entails (gatness). But we've bounced back (twice now, I believe) so I guess that's a good thing. Still MAD early to tell. Doesn't hurt that he told me he was basically gonna stalk me anyway. Lol. A mess.
80's vs. 90's party was hot! Bestie got the pics. To be posted soon I'm sure. I need to start taking my own again lol. I just did a classic off-the-shoulder shirt which read "Radio Killed The Hip Hop Star", green beater underneath, jean mini, two-toned hot pink tights, black leg warmers and some black patent leather stilettos. Also for the makeup, I used this quad:

With the blue on the lower half of my lid, green on the upper & blend. Colorful. ;-)
I found a new music website ~ so excited! My former one disappeared off the internet a while back :-(. But yeah I'm LOVING IT. Feeling a tad hesitant to link it under 'Frequent Flyer Mileage' just cuz I'm feeling a little selfish at the moment. But hey - you might already got it actually. But maybe you don't >:-)

Last nite, while I was on my way to pick up Nii-Amon, this Lloyd & Weezy jawn came on on the radio and I loved it from the minute I heard it, which SERIOUSLY says a lot about a song cuz 9x out of 10 a song has to grow on me......and then I love it. hehe. But yeah, not sure how long it's been in rotation but here's a link:
The Things U Do


A.I.W.I.E. ♥