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Can U Say 'Best Feb.14th Ever!' ??

2.16.2009 by Dizzy♥

Yeah. I gotta admit it. This Valentine's Day was literally the best one I ever had. From start to finish (well, almost lol) it was sooooo cute! So, let's recap:

Spent the whole late morning/afternoon cleaning up the apt...

Finally got Q-Tip around 5. (of course) Then, we went in on the main course/ making dessert. He ended up dipping most of the strawberries since he tried to come at my skills. Couldn't snap a "finished product" pic so here's one of the few that were left (after us & the roomies got to em:


Let's see what else....oh yeah in the middle of dinner (sorry couldn't snap any pics of the meal) I asked him what he got me for V-Day lol. And he responded 'huh? I thought we weren't getting each other anything'. So I say 'yeah but everybody knows that no really means yes to a gurl on V-Day'. So he shrugs and walks off to the room....a sec later he comes out & gives me these:

I know they're the typical gifts but you gotta understand my Valentine's Days freshman and sophomore years were not the greatest. And we only been talking for about a month.
So anyway, dinner was BANGIN'. I hooked up the Teriyaki Chicken (sauce from scratch, by the way) while he hit up the spanish rice & string beans. We threw down =)

We topped off the night with these: [my HIGHLY anticipated]

GODIVA CHOCOLATE MARTINI'S! Handmade by yours truly (Q-Tip helped mix). Looked pretty good if I do say so myself.

The bestie unfortunately couldn't make to partake with us :-( But I must say the martini was GOOD! Tastes just like chocolate milk with a little kick in it. If you're a chocolate-lova, I highly recommend them.
1/2 shots of Godiva liqueur
1 1/2 shots of Creme de Cacao
1/2 shot vodka
2 1/2 shots of Half & Half

The rest of the night was jus spent watching a Cheaters marathon which was on all nite (LMAO), a good massage, and some 'just us' time. I do confess that Q-Tip really made me feel...dare I say it....special? Loved it!
Oh, yeah. For my look I went with a pale shimmery eye. I blended a very shimmery silver all over my lid(Bare Minerals in Celestine) with a dark gray I had in the crease & outer corner. Finished with the Givenchy mascara, just on the top lashes (loving it, by the way)
Came out like so:

Actually looks a lil like eye gloss. Lol Prob the flash.
So that's how I spent my 14th. Hope yours was all you wanted it to be!
O.I.Y.D. ♥

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