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Can U Blame Me?

2.09.2009 by Dizzy♥

Yah, I'm going hyph with the posts cause my 2nd class was cancelled today. Muah! Lol.

But um, question of the day: is it bad that I got a new one? Well, not officially but he could be a prospect. It's still too soon to tell. But since it's only right, we shall name him Rico. Lmao as in Rico Suave. We always half-flirt when we see each other, cuz we run into each other all the time in my building. But purely innocent. We just happened to exchange numbers this weekend (bout time) and he ever-so-discreetly asked me out on a date. (My pay-back for not getting him a cinnabon when I went to the mall lol.) I admit he's a little cutie. And the 'Good Morning beautiful' text in my 1st class was refreshing as well. But lemme not jinx it. Tryna play my cardz right.

Random: The orange juice from Au Bon Pain is MAD GOOD! Lol.

Did you know the little paper sleeves the hash browns from McDonald's says 'Wakey Wakey' on them? Lol. Wat?

Y.K.Y.L.M. ♥

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franii [fran-daddy] said...

omg!!!! i love those first im sending a text dont know what to say but i wanna say something to the new girl whose number i got that i flirt with endlessly when i see her... awww

Dizzy♥ said...

yeah its been awhile

April Rose said...

Smh. I've obviously been way too caught up in the bs + books because I have no clue who Rico is... Unless... Hmm...

Idk. Texting you in the AM!