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2.14.2009 by Dizzy♥


Now, I know how some of y'all feel...that it's just a "hallmark holiday" and that "you don't need a holiday to show the ones you love how you feel" which is true, but I believe a special day out of the year is still a fun way to celebrate your luv's. For whatever reason, I love love and I simply love life.

I tried to find some history on Saint Valentine and this day (just to drop some knowledge) but everywhere I looked, stories were mixed. But from some of what I found:
A) Back in the day, a Roman emperor found that single men made better soldiers than ones with wives and a family so he wanted marriages ceased. Saint Valentine still tried to marry couples on the low and when emperor found out ~ off with his head.
B) Another one says that the saint sent the first valentine himself, to a girl he fell in love with while imprisoned. Before he died, he wrote a letter and signed it "From Your Valentine", which is how a lot of people sign Valentine's Day cards today.

Well, y'all know I wasn't there and I'm pretty sure y'all weren't either. So really, none of these myths could actually be true. Or parts could be true. But hey - who knows.

I myself have 3 Valentines this year (lucky me). Sike nah, only 1 of them is verdadero. One's an extremely good friend of mine (Jefe) and the other is just a young boi (who also asked my sister to be his valentine as well, btw. Lol - joke).

For tha nite, I'm trying:
Godiva Chocolate Martini's
Main course of Teriyaki Chicken (sides & veggies) {which Q-Tip is helping with :-)}
Finished by the infamous Chocolate Covered Strawberries (milk chocolate w/ & w/o a white chocolate drizzle).

I admit a while ago I was opposed to chocolate martini's like others (*ahem* Q-Tip) but they've grown on me and well..... just think of it as like....a dessert. Lol. Now, why it's first on the list - don't really have a good reason. I just wanna go hyph with the chocolate cuz it's Valentine's Day. LMAO!

But anyway, rest assured PICS WILL FOLLOW - I PROMISE!

Ooh, I also need a look. Hmmm.... not even sure what I'm wearing (nothing too crazy). I wanted to post it tonight but I guess I'll just have to see what I piece together when I wake up tomorrow. So, I guess I'll share post-festivities.

If you can't tell - I actually think I'm excited this year. (My mind is a little all over the place). I got a sweetie coming thru, yummy & chocolate-filled menu on deck, ANOTHER yummy menu on deck after that ;-) haha and just a fun time planned.

So to all of my readers out there - if you don't necessarily care for V-Day: hey, to each his own.
To all those who do: whomever you love or are in love with, just love them. Point blank.


"But don't change a hair for me
Not if you care for me
Stay, little Valentine, STAY
{Come on and stay}
Each day is Valentine's Day"
~ My Funny Valentine

Y.K.Y.L.M. ♥

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franii [fran-daddy] said...

awwww have fun.... i'll be at work

April Rose said...

Don't forget your bestie + her babe are coming through =]