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2.20.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, I wanted to compile a post of photos I've ran across over the dayz that caught me eye. Male & Female. The onez where I actually look just a sec longer and be like ~ wow, that's actually hot. Or something along those linez that makes me wanna take pics that ppl stare at too. Hehe

Oh yeah, DON'T start going off on the side about talent, careers, none of that. This post is about the asthetics. Everything else can come some other time. And p.s. Is it even really necessary for me to add the *no homo* disclaimer? I just recognize what's (in my opinion) appeasing.

So here we go.... if it bombz - hey it's only round 1.....
First up is Miss Megan Fox @ the Golden Globes. For those who are unfamiliar, she was the leading lady in Transformers. Peeped this over on Kim K's blog. Thought the whole look was fierce.

Next is none other than Miss Lauren London. or unfortunately known as "New-New". Loved her ever since ATL. Still on the rise.
Miss Mya. Shoutoutz to the fellow dancer. Pic which I believe is from Vibe Vixen mag (not video vixens) is actually up on my wall. I thought this pose looked very elegant.

Of course none other than tha hubby, tha KING - T.I. I used this is one of my very first posts. The black & white/beach look got me. The other's just a bonus. :-)

Yes, another garnered career from the F.O.L. series but I admit, the gurl is very pretty. Don't know about the whole lack-of-clothing choice (lol) but I loved her skin tone, the jewelry and her eye color in this shot. Miss Candace Cabrera aka "Black".

Stank face and all, the XXL Eye Candy of the Year had a nice mag cover. Her title shoot tho was way more classy, IMO, which is what I really liked.

Peeped these yesterday of Mr. Lebron James. Again, something about black & white adds something to pics. I don't believe I ever saw him in any shoots like this previously.

Despite all the DRAMA surrounding the singer, I wanted to add this one. I remember thinking the layout of this album cover was very cute. The line/curve of her frame surrounded by the highlight and then shadow was a cool effect. P.S. Today is her 21st birthday.

This one's an oldie but a goody for me. People often complain that Trey be lookin mad regular but I think that's what worked in this pic. It's something real comfortable about it. The happy trail is a cute touch lol. But the demeanor is what appealed to me most. Cute!

Miss Nicole Ari Parker. Best known for her role on Soul Food The Series and as Reese in Brown Sugar, also Boris Kodjoe's lovely wife. I always thought she was beautiful and this pic is very warm and sultry in a way.

Last but certainly not least (no pun intended) - Tyson. While I was saving pics I wanted to post, THIS pops up on the second page in Google. You already. Lol. Um........I actually don't think I have any wordz. I'll just let this one rock for yall. Lol Besidez, what's more beautiful than being comfortable in how God initially intended us to be?
Hope ya liked! Muah
N.D.I.B. ♥

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Kiarah C. W. said...

I liked them all! The models were pretty and acknowledging a beautiful woman is not gay.