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2.09.2009 by Dizzy♥

I think the Roman Numerals might come to an end eventually. I can only go up but so far. Lol.

My newest installment in the book! Today I'm gonna share my latest purchases. Yesterday I hit up the Sephora;dropped a cool $80+. *Sigh* The costs of being me. J/K

So first up, the INFAMOUS:
This would be the new Givenchy Phenomenon'EYES Mascara. There's been mad hype regarding this, mostly because of its unique brush, its spherical as opposed to the traditional horizontal ones. I just tried it this morning likey. The main thing I look for in a mascara is a lengthening and curling effect, you know to make my eyes look 'flirty'?, if thats a good word. This one did its job. The brand claims that the special brush grips even the tiniest, thinnest, lightest eyelashes and still gives them a magnified effect. A little pricey, but worth it.

This is a new, limited edition of Too Faced's Emotionall Activated Lip Gloss. You may have noticed I own the original formula (in one of my other beauty books). What it does is, according to your body temp, the sheer(blue) shimmery gloss changes to your own perfect shade of pink. [Of course it don't really start out blue on people of the darker persuasion.] This is similar to Smashbox's famous O-Gloss, that goes from clear to a pink shade that personally compliments your own skintone. For some reason, I like this version better than the plain one. The cute, little smurfette is a nice, girly touch as well. [Tho.....they say why date a smurf when you can have a man? LOL Semi-Insider]


I picked up a Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals Glimpse Eyeshadow in Gal Pal (the shade on the right). I picked this up because walking around the store, glancing in all those mirrors, my face seemed a little washed out. So why not add a little color. I've been very hesitant with the blushes (ever since an ex said I looked like I got punched in the face). I usually only use cheek stains when the heavier looks call for it. So I liked this shadow cause (contrary to the pic) it has medium-light pink shade that I think compliments my golden skin tone.

Lastly: (for the purchases)

Here we have Smashbpx's Photo Finish foundation primer. What got me first was the name (thought it was cute). I haven't tried this yet honestly, but I will asap. Mainly because personally I have oily skin, and what this primer does (similar to eyeshadow primer) it helps your foundation stay in place all day, instead of rubbing off on clothes,etc. Interestingly, I believed Kim K. (gasp! yes, I read her blog from time to time) posted an article about this and she said that a lot of makeup artists actually don't like primers cause your 'natural oils' should be incorporated with your makeup.........*blank stare*. Well, she said "oh well" to that and I think I am as well. Will let you know how it turns out.

Final one:

You may recall the commercial with Miss Rihanna for this mascara, the Cover Girl Exact Eyelights, which is said to enhance the color of blue, green, brown & hazel eyes.... How can I put this succinctly..........
This did absolutely nothing for my eye shade and doesn't impress me as far as mascaras go either. Don't waste your money. I'll leave it at that.

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Kiarah C. W. said...

thanx much 4 the reviews. I've been thinking about getting a foundation primer but with the summer coming on soon I'm not're the 2nd person to say that Rihanna Eyelights is terrible! lol I'm glad I didn't pick that one up. TY! :-)

Dizzy♥ said...

No prob! Thanx 4 reading!