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If U Used To Him, U Betta Get Used To Her

2.08.2009 by Dizzy♥

*HER being me, of course* lol.

So here is a prime example of how previous relationships can sabotage your currents and your futures. Take notes.

As posted before, Q-Tip was supposed to pay me a visit this past Friday night so we Lol. So the night was going fine, I asked wat time he'd be over here and he replied around 12-ish. I asked for a little more time (to get pretty and all that) and he said 'sure, jus lemme know'.
So, hit him up @ 12:45 I believe, sayin coast was clear. He responded, cool -i'll let you know when I get there.
Time goes by....

1:45 rolls around. I impatiently text him 'Today, luv'. To which he responds, "he's working on it".

Time goes by....

2:45 rolls around. By this time, I've called him ~ to which I receive no answer. Another semi-angry text follows, saying 'If you not coming, just say so". (A bit childish, I know).
Little more time goes by.....

3:00 am hits. Now I'm mad. I call him once more (to give him the very last bit of benefit-of-the-doubt I have left in me). Then I proceed to forward my signature, purely angry text reading:

"Well, I hope you're having fun wherever you are.
Thanx 4 makin me wait 4 nothin.

Y'all know - I'm furious. Not even cause I coulda been doing other things. Not even cause he had me waiting for 3+ hours, only to disappear. But because, deep deep deep inside........................
this is the same thing D.V. used to do. ALL the time. And subconciously, it was killing me. I guess my instincts and my brain were trying to protect me from letting the same mistakes hurt me again. But truth is, I didn't even realize it at the time. Could barely fall asleep first. Couldn't bring myself to cry but couldn't bring myself to scream either. (Maybe it wasn't that serious). Didn't help that I woke up the next morning expecting a flooded inbox full of explanations. - NONE.

So I hit up my gurlies, explaining the situation. Ja & April really tried to make me see he HAD to have a bangin' excuse. Otherwise - why? Little did I know, it was the previous young man's actions that were SEVERELY preventing me from believing this at all. All types of *ish were running through my mind all afternoon. How badly I wanted to tell him to lose my number, wanting to cuss him out, wanting to call...
But I managed to hold off. Thank GOD I did.

Cause turns out, he DID have a good excuse. Little strange, but extremely valid & understandable. Not only that, but he even apologized to me and explained how unacceptable it was. :-O (He didn't even need to). My heart melted.. and I felt so bad afterwards. Lol. Cause I was SO ready to go in.

MORAL OF THE STORY: No matter how f'ed up, childish, stupid, or gat a previous relationship was, DON'T BY ANY MEANS let that pre-determine or alter how you think a new man will treat you. Give it a chance FIRST. Please. Cause you might just turn away from someone worth keeping around for awhile.

Sidebar: Is it bad I still actually miss D.V. sometimes? One of my sisters thinks I should tell him, cause he just might miss me too. Good idea? Bad idea? Well, like they say, if it's meant to be........

P.S. My title comes from "Get Used To Her" by Usher. Beautiful song. Or at least I think so.

I.W.A.L.Y. ♥

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franii [fran-daddy] said...


1. omg u needed 45 minutes lol
2. 3 hrs!!!!!
3. no messages????? uh huh
4. hmmm mixing relationships
5. yea u try hard not to mix them but u do...cuz u fear... n april is so positive about things
6. i vote for textin d.v. its innocent

Dizzy♥ said...

1. I'm the epitome of a girly-girl lol
2. My sentiments exactly
3. *sigh* i know
4. >:-)
5. its inevitable sometimes
6. i REALLY really wanna, but wat if he samb's me out? lol