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Wateva, Wateva, I Do Wat I Want

2.06.2009 by Dizzy♥

Feliz viernes, luvs!

My class was cancelled today! I was so happy... then I realized I still had to do the hw assignment. So I proceeded to work on it and was fine... then I realized it was long as *ish and I wasn't gonna finish on time, nor did I really know what I was doing at the end. :-0 (f***!) Lol. So, since it doesn't matter if you get the answers right or wrong (it's just for credit) and since he doesn't specify whether lates are accepted or not, I just did what I could, hit the 'submit' button and threw the deuces. Let's just say, Office Hours on deck.

So, in a bit I'm bout to dip off to the grocery store cuz I feel like I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO EAT IN THIS APT.! Wat I'm thinking so far is, Taco Salad, Arroz con Pollo, Pasta w/ Pesto Sauce, and of course my infamous Rice, Chicken & Cheese dish.

P.S. The strawberries trial was good. But I DESPISE white chocolate (I only tried it cuz it's used in mad types of C.C.S.) It doesn't even have real chocolate in it. (Google it ~ I kno what I'm talking about.) So I think for the 14th it's gonna be strictly milk chocolate covered ones and milk chocolate with a thin white chocolate drizzle. Delish.

** On second thought, I don't think I'm ever gonna say the word 'delish' again. I sound like a gay male. No offense.

Q-Tip should be coming thru tonite. LORD knows what's gonna happen. The young man is quite.... "passionate" about what he wants. Lmao. I say that to say.....when we were talking about his next visit and I asked him what he wanted to do, his response was simply:
"pardon my french.......f*** the s*** outta you"
Uh, okay. Lol. At least I know he's not frontin. After that, I was a lil concerned that that may be his primary focus. But after we spoke last night while I was @ work, I don't think that's the case. So it's straight. Oh yeah, I don't think I mentioned - he asked me to be his valentine too. ;-)

Sidebar: Who should hit me up the other nite on some late nite *ish but.......D.V.
I think he was tryna spark up some type of convo but....uh...huh??
And OF COURSE when I text him back during normal hours = no response.
Oh well, doesn't really phase me now. And if he really wants to reach me, clearly he still got the numba.

B.I.W.I. &hearts

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franii [fran-daddy] said...

omggg!!!! i cant believe thats wat Q-Tip said. yooo hes hella brave lol. aww a valentine :) me no tengo :( i guess its chinese and tv for me lol