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2.18.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, so far I REFUSED to give in to the 25 Randomz Bandwagon (emphasis on SO FAR lol). But the other day my roomie found this note on Facebook from a gurl we went to high school with and I thought the concept was cute + it's a way for you all to know me just a tad bit better. Hope ya like!

10 Thingz

TEN things you wish you could say to TEN different people right now:
1."1st thing ~ decaf".
2. "I'm sick of you. You know what? Lose the f***** number."
3. "So, you can text me on your own account and play-fight me in public but you fade all my messages?".
4. "I'm really starting to like you luv...a lot. Hope you feel the same".
5. "You're not down". lol
6. "I still think you're a cutie but I SO don't feel like I'm on your radar anymore".
7. "Fix your face".
8. "I was really looking foward to being your "first lady". More than anybody else."
9. "I miss you and I love you".
10. "I miss what we used to be".

NINE things about yourself:
1. I hate when people cut me off (driving or walking) and then proceed to go slower than me
2. I feel like no male at my school wants a relationship
3. I've never had the chicken box
4. The only (real) thing I'm allergic to is fake jewelry (I had expensive taste from birth haha)
5. I only wear Vicky Secret underwear
6. I aspire to be a Speech Pathologist since I was always correcting my family members' speech
7. My only fear is being forgotten/abandoned
8. I LOVE FOOD and I virtually eat almost everything
9. Me & my dad have the same birthday

EIGHT ways to win your heart:
1. Adore me....and show me
2. Be a every sense of the word. But still hold ur own - I shouldn't have more balls than you.
3. Find out what I like - without me telling you
4. NEVER fall off
5. Make me laugh when I'm bawling my eyes out
6. Be patient
7. Be yourself - by that I mean, be like no other
8. Love life and have aspirations. Stick wit me - you goin' places kid.

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot:
1. D.V. (Yes, still)
2. Q-Tip
3. Who I'll end up marrying
4. What it'd be like if my dad was still alive
5. Will I ever make it to grad school
6. Can I really have all 5 kids??
7. If I'm destined for something greater than what I'm currently chasing

SIX things you do before you go to bed:
1. Text the boo
2. Wash off the mascara & foundation
3. Check the email, Facebook, and the blogz
4. Stuff my face
5. Think about the next thing to spend money I don't have on
6. Think about letting Q-Tip **** the **** outta me. Lol!

FIVE people who mean a lot.
1. My mommy
2. My daddy
3. Cuzzo's (blood and non-blood)
4. Bestie, Brothers & Sisters (tha brown & gold pham)
5. ALL OF MY FAM! They'll always be there when nobody else will

FOUR things you’re wearing right now.
1. Light blue skinny jeans
2. My ♥ on my sleeve
3. Sky blue long-sleeve top from O.N.
4. Yellow V.S. boy shorts w/ navy blue PINK shields

THREE songs that fit your life perfectly (at the moment).
1. "Feelin' You" - Solange Knowles
2. "Broken-Hearted Girl " - Beyonce
3. "How It Was Supposed To Be" - Ryan Leslie

TWO things you want to do before you die:
1. Raise a family - teach them every lesson I've ever learned and give them the tools to be better than me
2. Visit the motherland - Panamá, that is

ONE confession:
1. I'm a big ball of insecurities. But I try my hardest to never let it peek through. And I spend everyday to be better, wiser, more fabulous and more unforgettable than the day before. Best of all - you know you love me.

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franii [fran-daddy] said...

i lub this and now im stealing it lol

April Rose said...

Wth.. Blogger just does not like letting me know when you update your blog lol.

I like!

Dizzy♥ said...

aw thanks guyz!