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The Fast Lane

SellOut (Throwback Poem ~ Revamped)

2.26.2009 by Dizzy♥

I can't quite remember when I wrote this. But I actually lost it, remembered about it and then found it again lol. This time around tho, I decided to tweak it a little bit. So here goes:


To my sellout…
My boo ~I always did wanna be JUST
How you could never imagine how you've choked all my expression
Stifled my thoughts...
Look how proud I am of you now
Look what you've grown up to be........
EVERYthing you said you wouldn't
You said:" Amongst me & them – you could never compare"
Funny how identical suits you far better
"Trust me and you’ll never feel that pain"
{And neva be without pleasure… eva…. again} L.F.
And now invisible scars will forever bear their hideous heads
Nestled in beds
That you and I shared
Your disappearing acts are such a f***** joke
But outside you've finished your construction
The most beautiful prison - cold & rigid
I pound my fist against your fortress’s walls, screaming
I’m right here, I’m Right Here, I’M RIGHT HERE!!!!!
But my voice lands on deaf ears…
So where am I really?

More importantly, where the hell are you?
Is it 6 floorz up….or maybe 5 townz over

But since I know you'll never return
I can finally read your Dear Jane letter
Loud & clear
So, boo
Guess there ain't much left for me to do….
Besides sell out too….
I always did wanna be just like you

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