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Paying 4 HER Mistakes

2.24.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, last nite I spent the nite over Q-Tip's spot. (Don't worry ~ we're straight lol). But we had a little convo last nite that I woke up thinking about.

Part of the reason he, like many other young men I'm finding, is hesitant to be in an "official" relationship and quickly fall in love is because of past relationships that ended up being horrible. Like, HORRIBLE. He like many other males, explained to me that dudez falling in love & getting their hearts broken is different than from gurls. When dudez fall ~ they fall hard. So naturally the end result when *ish goes sour is pretty much recipe-for-disaster.

But, no matter how many timez I hear this story, I can't stop thinking........ not every gurl out there is going to break your heart. And more importantly - I AM CERTAINLY NOT EVERY GURL, SO I AM NOT GOING TO BREAK YOUR HEART. SO JUST....LET IT......GO. I understand once is enough but it's def. not fair to make every new gurl in your life have to suffer and deal with glueing the pieces back together on our own cause of what some inconsiderate broad did before we came along. If you go through life with this big padlock on, you're robbing others of getting to feel the real you and in return, you're not nearly feeling what you could be to its fullest capacity. And if females bounce back faster cause we're supposedly "stronger" in that sense, why don't you just take a page out of our book that we could be in this together?.....

Idk, I know that all of these wordz are easier said than done....But don't you realize it's all the more harder if the 'doing' part of it never even starts?

Just my thoughts....

A.I.W.I.E. ♥

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franii [fran-daddy] said...

i agree HOWEVER i also feel that "falling" is of course you would be weary because you dont know wat could happen. thats ajump off a cliff

April Rose said...

NOTHING GOOD COMES OUT OF IT. Holding back just because of the past limits the growth of your relationships in the present. Being negative and pessimistic about falling in love and getting into relationships will just leave you unhappy, lonely, and complaining about how unhappy + lonely you are.

People miss out on good things because they're so worried about the past. Let it go. Shit happens for a reason. Learn from it and move the fuck on before you lose something special.