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Feelz Good 2 B Home

3.08.2009 by Dizzy♥

Hola luv's!

Ahh, it feels good to have a stable internet connection on my laptop again. I went home this weekend to get my hair done and chill with my mommy. I must admit - it felt good. Besidez the fact that the weather was BEAUTIFUL, when I was home I felt so...stressfree; carefree; and like all my worryz associated wit school and the people there were just nonexistent. I wanted to stay home forever! Lol.
But snap-back to reality. Got 2 exams this week, starting tomorrow so it goes without saying my dream was simply that. Good news tho is my spring break starts this Friday.Yay!

Lemme see... recap? Um, well....Thurs nite/early Friday morn. went to see Q-Tip after I got off from work.....let's just say he fulfilled his promise. (scroll down to bout 3/4 of the post). LMAO So, not to delve too much into it but, I've never been this sore in my life! :-0. But he agreed we was def wildin when he hit me up the following evening (which I so wasn't expecting him to do, since he told me he likes to keep his own space when dealing wit girls. Hmm.. maybe I'm not just ur average girl? ;-) Well, of course I mean I knew that I'm jus saying...I'm jus saying). Lol

Friday morning/afternoon went to get my micros. I adored having my hair out and I loved the way it looked on me but right behind my left ear it broke off tremendously bad (yikes!) so I refuse to put anymore perm to it for A WHILE. The micros came out cute - except for the fact it took 6 hours!!!!! I know it can take longer and I myself have (the most was 9) but I'm usually out in 4 so that made this process all the more harder. But, like they say beauty is pain. Maybe next round will be better.

Um, Saturday I went to the Flower Show in Philly with my mom. It was held in the Convention Center and below are some pics I snapped on my phone (little ghetto I know). I really could care less about the show - I only went cause my mom wanted to and I wanted to spend time with her. I woulda been satisfied wit jus goin out to eat (which we did afterwards anyway...Ruby Tuesday..can we say...delish?). But some of the displays were gorgeous. However, I personally feel this event is highly overrated, overcrowded and overpriced. $26 for a general adult ticket,$17 for a student and $13 for a child (2-16) ~ so you best believe I passed for a child that day thanks to my mom.(HAHA! Guess the braces still come in handy for something). My mom just wanted to go to say she had been since she always heard about it and I just wanted to be with my mommy - so in the end we both got wat we wanted.


SB: You KNOW I had to tell you what I had to eat - cuz I'm such a fat a** at heart. Lol So, I had 'Asian Dumplings' for my appetizer - aka "Pot Stickers" at some other places, a half rack of ribs/ Louisiana fried shrimp for my entree/ strawberries and ice cream for dessert and not to mention my strawberry lemonade which was bangin' and my Ruby T (homemade iced tea w/ pomegranata juice). Everything was bangin' and I will most def be goin back ASAP. Peep my strawberries & ice cream below.

Spent my evening last night creeping myself out watching horror movies on the SciFi channel. Lol. Then today took my car to the Car Wash (finally!) after it was looking a mess after all those snowstorms. Pissed as hell that one of my roommates took our parking deck pass with her and I had to park by a meter on the street. I swear if it rains b4 I have a chance to put it in a deck ~ SOMEBODY's gonna hear my mouth. Seriously, I JUST f'in washed it.

So yeah, I believe that's how I spent my weekend. How was yours? Anywayz, dance rehearsal and studying for Afromusicology exam tomorrow. Wish me luck!

O.I.Y.D. ♥

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