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4.08.2009 by Dizzy♥

I sincerely apologize for the lack of post-age. *Ish is gettin heavy up here @ school.
First & foremost congrats to the newest I-Sweets on the yard: Dramatix, Poison & Quiet Storm (their real sweetheart names, not just my personal nickname lol). So proud of you 3.
Secondly: the boy. So, too bad I've def been a rollercoaster ride wit this one. But first, I'd like to note that FROM THIS POINT ON, this young man's name will now be '9 Livez'. Lol I'm sure that's pretty self-explanatory. Anywayz, we actually hit a really bad spot this past weekend. It happened late Friday nite when I got off work. We was supposed to chill that nite and he actually came thru to the Roc wit his brothers while I was on duty. So, he knowz I'm done @ 3 but I decided to give it a little time....3:40 comes and I call, to which he told he'd call me rite back in 2 min. Okay - cool. Now, my impatient butt starts calling back around 4 but this no answer. (Sound familiar?) Nor the 2nd, nor the 3rd, nor the 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th. Yes, I said 7th. Clearly, the luv was too drunk/high to answer his phone. Not an uncommon activity of his.
So by that time I was furious, mostly because we've had SO MANY talks about his stupid bad habits b4. So I proceed to leave him a lovely voicemail that went something like:

"I hope when you hear this you're not too f****d up to understand me. I've waited up for you for the last time. So wat you can do is delete my f***in number from your f***in phonebook cuz..I'm done with you [insert real name here]. Goodbye".

Kinda went in a little bit. But when I'm mad, I'm mad. And dude pissed me the f*** off that nite. I expected to get a few long text messages or a call/voicemail but 2 dayz had passed and nothing. So on Monday, - remember that key that came along with my necklace? 9 Livez MUST not want it anymore since he clearly had nothin to say for hisself. So, I finally hit him up and told him I was coming thru to get it back - that nite. So, me being the girly girl I am *superficially* got all dolled up since it was supposed to be the last time we saw each other like that and proceeded to drive over to his apt., along wit Keenya & Tay in the car (you know, just in case we had to stomp somebody out lol jk). The whole trip ended up being real anticlimactic. After wat seemed like hours of him staring at me, he finally gave it up. I briefly spoke bye as I walked out his building.

Later that nite, we ended up texting each other, becuz I honestly couldn't believe that he had nothin to say. Either he was truly an a**hole or he was jus thought my mind was fed up. Well, to wrap up this story, homeboy said he felt ridiculously ashamed and didnt say anything cuz he felt like he ultimately let me down, didn't know how I felt about him, but that he still cared about me and could only hope he still had a piece of my heart with or without my key. HOW SWEET - *blank stare*.

Sike nah, I admit he was genuine wit it...AFTER I HAD TO DRAG IT OUT OF HIM! And I admit I miss the boy. So needless, we made up last nite. Now, I'm still keeping my guard up...but if 9 Livez truly lives up to his name - then I'm kinda curious to see how this all really plays out.

P.S. The inspiration from my title had a double meaning: 1. Me & the boy of course. 2. While I was trying to move my laptop from my desk to my bed, it slipped - I tried to catch it and it ended up banging against the corner of my best postm resulting in this NASTY crack/splinter on the right side of my screen. :,-) Disaster.

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