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The Saint & The Sinner - BabyMaker Edition

10.22.2009 by Dizzy♥

So apparently, like I so predicted, Kimmy-K is supposedly on a mission to start poppin out the kiddies very soon - within the year to be exact. Kim claims she "always thought she'd be married with 1 kid by the time she was 30" {and she's 29}. Of course, this new mission was supposedly spawned in part with the marriage of her baby sister Khloe and her mommy-to-be older sister Kourtney.

Here's my thing: You run your life how YOU see fit - NOT because 2 of your sisters have major life changes going on. Now, I understand how you can clearly feel like you need a change too but seriously, she obviously is the Kardashian with the most shine right now - she clearly doesn't need a "major change" that comes with a marriage or baby.

And also, if you have to {or like to} go engagement ring shopping - WITHOUT REGGIE - maybe you should just relax for a bit. Just maybe.

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