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Beauty Book: Pop EyeShadow

10.30.2009 by Dizzy♥

Uber-Excited!!! Just got back form ULTA. Mind you, I went to try to find a shimmery gold eyeshadow for tomorrow nite (which I did - BareMinerals in 'Summer' I believe and  the L'oreal H.I.P. in 'Gilded'). BUUUUUTTTTTTTTT as I was still walking around the aisles, my eyez came across this beauty:

This is Pop Beauty's 'Day To Play Clutch' palette with 18 GORGEOUS and actually rich colors. I was just saying to myself how I needed a palette in my life, too. hehe Only thing is it DIDN'T HAVE GOLD! :,-( But did that stop me from buying it? Of course not! Plz believe I will be playing with these colors immediately (pics to come!) As for my gold? Eh, one of the sis's should have a shade. :-p

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