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Cheating: Venus vs. Mars

10.27.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, this is a topic me & the boyfriend heavily discuss every so often. More specifically - whom is more inclined to cheat - men or women?

His take is that he's known of the sweetest, nicest, most "innocent" gurls who end up doing the most scandalous shit with different dudes, despite the fact that they're wifed up. Basically, he feels as though there are very few faithful individuals left in the world.

I, on the other hand, believe deep down that each of us (male or female) holds the capacity not to cheat on our significant others and ALWAYS feel some type of way when dudes drop the "It's hard to stay faithful" bs line. NEWSFLASH: IT'S NOT! JUST CHILL THE FxCK OUT!!! lol. But to speak more critically, in my opinion, women outnumber men in this world, so the numbers would say MEN are more inclined to cheat just because the opportunity presents itself a little more often {just to play devil's advocate}.

Honestly, I've found in my personal experiences one sex isn't more inclined than the other. We're all human and when ppl start getting lonely, or unsatisfied sexually, or frustrated or just plain ass unhappy - that's when rash decisions are made. And these are all thingz that both men and women don't generally care for.

I will say though, men can be a little sloppy/stupid with theirs and are more likely to get caught lol. (Jus my opinion & becuz I'm a gurl :-p)

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