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1.08.2009 by Dizzy♥

Okay, so the title is a bit dramatic. But, it was moreso inspired from yesterday. Today was actually a whole-lot less stressful...............but, that's today.

Tuesday, I had my orthodontist's appointment (NOT fun). But thankfully, they took the hooks out! Yay! [For the past 6 weeks, I had these bad boys on both sides of my mouth, running along the bottom to the top like so:

So now they're gone and they put me back on rubberbands. Honestly, it shouldn't be too much longer. Everything's straight - just have to line it all up. I've had braces for a little over 3 years and counting now. The grillz need to come OUT!
Yesterday must've been my day to be tried. Me & my mom got into it about some dumb *ish. You know when someone's mad at you and now, because they're mad, they gotta fuss about every single, little, itty-bitty, tiny thing? That's the stuff she was on and it was pissing me off. Can't even remember why she was quite so mad........something about me not graduating on time. I'm not gonna start. And THEN, she wants to b**** because she came home from work and saw that I washed no dishes, brought in no garbage can, zilch.......Okay: Newsflash: I'm a college student. I'm rarely ever in this house for long periods of time ~ winter break being the longest. So naturally, those chores never cross my mind. Don't get me wrong - those are all nice things to do and a daughter should want to help out her mother which I do and am not objecting to at all. But for her to not even ask me, just come home PISSED, makes zero sense. That's like me coming home from class one day, with a stank attitude that Jefe didn't cook dinner for me; knowing darn well he never did why would I expect it now? What???????????
Um, what else.......I was semi-hungry and bored after awhile so I decided to try my hand @ banana fritters! Haha here's how they came out. Watcha think?

So, they're puffy as all get-out but it was only my first time! Lol. :-D They still tasted good so that's all that counts.

So here's a few shots of how I spend a random nite with the girlies. (April & Theresa, that is). We hit Rangoon which is this cute little Burmese spot in Philly. BEST FOOD EVER! OMG! Lol. And that's all I'mma say. Hopefully bringing Q-Tip along next week when we head back. Yes, notice I said when. Down below we have some mango juice, Burmese wontons, crab dumplings, the thousand layer bread & my mango shrimp. Soooo......can we say we just christened our new 'spot' ladies?? Lol.

W.I.L.T.Y. ♥ (Would I Lie To You)

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April Rose said...

That was in your mouth this whole time? LOL. Wtf? Wow. Bless your heart Dali.

Yay to our new spot =] & my Burmese people owww.

Sista T said...

I say it's oficlally Christianed in my book!!!

I can kida relate to the whole mad for no reason so they pick out all the lil things...UGH!!! my mom does that's ANNOYING!!!

Sista T said...

I definitely got excited and spelled "oficially" and "kinda" wrong lol

Sara said...

I feel ya. I had braces too... careful how you eat with the bands in, they alter/misalign your jaw if you chew on one side more often than the other...

& I don't get wtf is wrong with parents lately- expecting so much crap from the kids who are NOT home. It's bad when you don't live in a house and the siblings that do, aren't doin a damn thing. :P

All 3 of yall suck for posting Rangoon pics. I'm craving. Seriously lol