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1.14.2009 by Dizzy♥

So this would be my BEST DISH MADE.......EVER! When I say this *ish goes in - sweetie THIS *ISH GOES IN!!!!! Lol. This is my version of Cajun Chicken & Pasta and its the best meal I think I've ever tasted in my life. Not to sound conceitied but....I'll be expecting the ring any day now. Lol

What's not-so-funny is that this meal was originally intended for D.V. We were supposed to chill last nite (fun stuff, nothin too heavy......except some massages :-)). BUT in true D.V. fashion, it never went down. Me, April, my sis Shanta, her gurl Keenya and one of my bros ended up eating it last nite....then me & Apy finished HIS plate this afternoon for lunch. Somehow - between him stopping by the first time and the time he was supposed to return to my apt. he got into this huge fight with his (blood) sister and somehow it f'ed up his whole night. Now, I believe him and all, because truth be told, dude has no reason to lie to me. But still, I can't help feeling like....WTF????? I can't never win with dude. So I ended up just laying down my head, disappointed, after a few long text messages were exchanged on both ends. Woke up to another one this morning. I replied with another 2-page jawn. Which he responded to later today. I don't know exactly what happened but *ish had to be heavy for him to get like that, but I basically told him the exact above said statement and I don't wanna keep on if I'm just gonna play chaser. He assured me I don't need to feel like that. But still....sometime it IS like - why the f do I bother? He cares but...........

*Enters Q-Tip* Hehe. And he actually had bangin a** timing cause in the midst of all the back and forth last nite who should hit me up? So, def. will be patiently awaiting his return back to Jerzee. Honestly, can't wait to kick it. He's a breath of fresh air, as corny as that sounds. Actually, maybe his whole timing in general couldn't be more perfect. Cuz D.V. can't possibly have too many more lives left.
So all I keep thinking nowadays is "Don't F*** Up". Only thing is...should it be more directed to him...or me?

P.S. Here's one for the luv's. Hope ya like!

Y.T.O.T.I.W. ♥ (You're The One That I Want)

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April Rose said...

Brian: "Yo.. who made this?"
Me: *points at you*
Brian: "Yo... marry me."

Lol.. Oh, Brian.

I want you and D.V. to work out..
Then again I like Q-Tip.

But who am I to say anything about males with the dumb one, the angry one, and the bitch running around =/

Dizzy♥ said...

Lol... 'The Bitch & The Faggot'

Coming soon to a theater near you!

franii [fran-daddy] said...

lol u guys are slow lol... but ummm yea foooooodddddd!!!!! yumm-o

Treadmillinp said...

dopee post

Anonymous said...

I want some!