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The Fast Lane

"We Were Once A Fairy Tale, But This Is Farewell"

1.24.2009 by Dizzy♥

Me & D.V. are done.

It ended last night around 10 o'clock pm. All of my gurls said it needed to happen, cuz honestly y'all, we were NOTHING. And we were nothing like we used to be. What's worse was it really got to the point where I was doing all the work; always had to hit him up first, always making plans, always down for us when he did very little. It's extremely tiring after awhile. And I've given him this speech countless times before.

But I guess what hurts the most is that all he really said in return was "I understand" and nothing much further. You know, in the back of your mind you always think if he really wanted me and us to work he wouldn't just let me walk away. But he did.

So I guess he doesn't.

Somewhere along the road he changed, because we changed. It just hurts so much cause it seems like he could care less.

Well, everything happens for a reason rite?

Yeah, rite.

I guess I'll just never see it.

N.C.K.U.T. ♥ (Nothing Can Keep Us Together)

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franii [fran-daddy] said...

<3 awww dali :(

Dizzy♥ said...

lol it's cool tho gurlie.