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Husbandz & Happy Hour

1.02.2009 by Dizzy♥

Where to start, where to start.......I guess I'll go in chronological order.


Me & D.V. got into a verbal altercation on New Year's Eve. After an entire afternoon of fading I initiated a mini-spazzing session....which led to even more fading. >:-\ I swear if it's one thing that pisses me off, it's the pointless ignoring. SO f'in rude.

-NYE (Day)

In preparition for my little soiree up @ the Rock, me and my girl Steph drove up late afternoon, then had to make a few runs to the Rite Aid in Highland Park (hehe) and the grocery store. Bill came to about $74+. NEVER AGAIN! While I picked up a couple boxes of Jell-O, D.V. & I went back and forth about why he proceeded to ignore me, how rude he was, how rude I was and other petty *ish. We peaced it up right before I started mixing the shots, which was all I really wanted to accomplish before 2009 got here. Since then, he's been a little touchy and standoff-ish which makes me worry but we've spoken and have *tentative* plans so I'll hold my breath til then.

-NYE (Night)

So, a few martini's and some Jell-O :-) later, the folks from Boro arrived. A few more than I expected, which inevitably grew to even more as the night went on. But all in all, the festivities were fun, with a few exceptions:

-So the cuzzo brought the guitar, mic, drumset, and console from Rock Band.....and forgets the game. What??????????

-Taboo was short lived. Ppl were haters. Lol

-'The Kiss', as predicted, never went down. However, I must admit I got an unexpected post-New Year's small one. :-D

-I got married! hehe.....see below

-Someone managed to knock over an entire pitcher of June Bug, and NOBODY, including me, saw.

-Some gat, UNINVITED chick, who was a friend of a friend I presume went HYPH from the minute she started drinking til the minute she left the following morning; which included her sticking her finger in some dude's mouth she did not know, pulling on his dreds & telling him he liked it rough, spazzing on us when she missed the Ball drop, 'crying' when we tried to refuse her anymore shots, randomly quoting "Look Back At Me" by Trina, and telling me I was cute & then proceeding to slap the mess outta my a$$. :-O

U already know. Never EVER Again!!!!!

-Not to mention my cuz and my big bro almost got into physical altercation with the LB and Brothers, but that's water under the bridge.

Oh yeah, so my new-found husband? He's about 5'9", maybe 170 lbs., chocolate-complexion, goes to school about 5 hours away and he reminds me of Young Joc. The ceremony took place around 10:30 pm Dec. 31, 2008 and the honeymoon commenced shortly after. Lol NEVER how I imagined, I know. Sike nah, he's not really the hubby. Just my homie from high school who I kicked it with a couple times over this break. He's leaving me soon anyhow. :-(

So, the REAL hubby (by real I mean, the one I've had for some time now, but he's just a place-holder til the real-life one comes along lol) is having a concert the end of this month, which the bestie told me about and we're going! It'll be the first concert of his I've ever been to and I can't wait. Tix were a grip truthfully, but hopefully it'll be worth it. Til the 31st, I'll just hold this:


*Sigh* If

Y.K.Y.L.M ♥ (You Know You Love Me)

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April Rose said...

LMAO @ this whole post. Good times..


The drunk, hype chick.. She's in random pics that I can't crop her out of lol.

And no.. She put her finger in DaShun's mouth + pulled on Quinn's locs. Two diff. people lol!

I was also told she was in somebody's room just.. laughing.. about nothing.. at all.. just laughing.. loudly.. as loudly as she was spittin those Trina lyrics (deplorable ass song lol)

I like how you eloped. Just don't invite your best friend to the wedding. Gosh.