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Birth Control

12.29.2008 by Dizzy♥

My day could not have been anymore trying. After not falling asleep til after 2am, I woke at 7:30 (on my winter break, no less) only to find that my monthly came to visit for bout a week. :-S Only reason I woke up that early to begin with is because one of the cuzzo's asked me to ride down with her to B-more today. Her and her hubby are finally tryna sell their townhouse and they met with this "realtor" to list it. So, me and my oh-so-caring self of course said 'sure!... sounds like fun'. *blank stare* Wtf was I thinking?? Well...... it would've been absolutely fine actually if it didn't turn into a 12-hour fiasco with her 2 ADORABLE daughters having a screaming contest for the latter part. My cuz couldn't have put it better herself: spending just ONE DAY with me is the perfect form of birth control. Seriously, if never before, I def. am gonna hold off on the kiddies for a few MORE years than I was originally planning (about 5-6-7 years from now). And if I'm blessed with girls????? :-O Lol.

The New Year's soiree still looks like it's going down. On deck is picking out the *ahem* Jell-O for the nite and the beverages. THIS JUST IN: Taboo and ROCK BAND added to the program! As the fabulous hostess I'm hoping toturn out to be, I'm just aiming to avoid the drunken gatness that could be my invites, while still being as photogenic as possible since I'm sure Mulan will be flick-flickin' it up in full effect. (I knew you'd like that one April). Chances of 'The Kiss' happening is starting to slim down drastically. But you never know - esp. with MY luck.

In the boo-ski category, still find myself thinking about D.V. The ex-prospect 'Time Check' called me today, which caught me by surprise. He asked me for a favor, tryna contact his unavailable LB. And asked when I'd be returning to the Roc (my apt. building). When I replied New Year's Eve he responded 'oh so I'll be seeing you soon then', with that whole can-you-tell-I'm-smiling-on-the-other-end-of-the-phone tone in his voice. Small talk or genuine? We'll see. But can somebody answer me this? With my thoughts..and late-nite thoughts always trailing to D.V., a lot of times I have to fight not to pick up my Blackjack 2 and text him, just cuz he ain't text me first. I mean yeah, he hits me up but I always feel like I hit him up more. I know he thinks about me and whenever I do initiate the convo the feelings feel more than reciprocated but....... why do I sometimes feel this urge to play hard to get? Tryna hold out til the homeboy texts my 609 instead of me hittin his? Hey, if it pays off I'm all for it but

Will it?

N.D.I.B. ♥ (Nobody Does It Better)

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