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12.27.2008 by Dizzy♥

My sweet life? More like my never-a-dull-moment life, good and bad. Rite now I'm still awaiting an email back from my far-from-favorite Psych professor about my "D"isappointing final grade. I really need that changed or else.....academic career is about to be in the basement. To help alleviate the pain, I indulged in one of my top 3 guilty pleasures: SHOPPING! (sidebar: Xmas was wonderful. Got pretty much everything I asked for plus more - perks of being an only child ;-p) Anywayz, I picked up a nice liquid foundation from Sephora

an eyeshadow primer by Too Faced

and the Lash Injection mascara as well.

I know, I know the names are a little extreme. A lot of my friendz, particularly my guy friendz, particularly "D.V." claim they honestly don't notice my makeup looks - I guess that means I'm a natural beauty! Haha jk.

SB: D.V. has been "in" my life for about 9 months now. Throughout my rendezvous with my males he always seems to be right there whenever my loves take a turn for the worse. He does have his oh-so-difficult moments: not hitting me up for dayz, getting piss drunk then hitting me up late night, fading rite in the middle of a convo, but when we're straight ~we're STRAIGHT. On a good day, he's just my little shawty wit a cute smile and a cuter way wit words. Lawd help us. Lol

So........New Year's Eve is in 5 days and as corny as it sounds, I want a New Year's kiss. Lol I never had one before and I think it'd be kinda cute. Not to mention what it could lead to.......... a goodnite hug! You and your dirty minds! Lol.
*Sigh* 2 more hours and 45 min. left of me sitting at this duty desk. Taco Bell on deck (on my fat-fat ish). Hopefully my nite will end well.

A.I.W.I.E ♥ (All I Want Is Everything)

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