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1.05.2009 by Dizzy♥

I find myself a little torn. Once, I told someone I like to be chased and in response he told me I like chasing guys I can't have. I don't think this is entirely true, cause if they were truly inaccessible, believe you me - I would quickly just give up. But I digress...

Lately, with tonight giving me my 3rd revelation, I've now come across 3 people who I never necessarily looked at that way before, but basically, they got a thing for your gurl. The first one is, ODDLY enough, one of the cuzzo's. Clearly we're not blood-related but I genuinely look at him as my cuz, so that's a bit.....yeah. A little while ago he told me that he had liked me but not so much in the past. He moreso found me attractive like over the summer and recently. I'm flattered, but CUZZO YOU'LL ALWAYS BE MY CUZ! LIKE, WTH?!

The second one, for discretional purposes, we'll call Jefe (hef-ay)('boss' in Spanish). Now, me & Jefe have gotten real tight real fast. He's been like, the best guy friend I've ever had. Then, I could tell things slowly starting to change. After a few instances of flirting, one day he came out and told me how about his feelings towards me, which I kinda knew was coming, even though I didn't feel the same way, and in a way the guilt from that realization lingers in the back of my mind a little each day. Me & Jefe are still there for one another and hopefully will continue to be. But, I really can't see myself......seeing him like that. And I'm not even on no picky *ish with these young men. But, I can't force it or fake it.

The third to bare his soul is Q-Tip. (Lol, I know.) Q-Tip I've known since freshman year, through the roomie. We talked & chilled for a little while and then less my sophomore year. Honestly, I think he used to be cuter when we first met, but don't get me wrong he's not unattractive now either. But again, the main thing that stopped me from letting him go further was that bit of lack of chemistry between us. But we still flirted up until now, but the thing that complicates the situay is that *tentatively* he's a member of another frat., and the intermingling..... does NOT sit well with the siblings. (But only if they were to find out hehe). But what's making me think twice is the fact that his text was so...genuine. He basically told me how he liked me and always has and he likes being around me and how the thoughts that prob. cross a lot of dudes minds cross his too but we're why not act? It may not sound like much but to me, I respect his outright honesty, esp. when I've faded him a little bit in the past. Lol So, who knows....

This situation blows my mind. Dudez that I barely double-take at outta the blue tell me they're infatuated. I admit, I notice their attractiveness, but I guess I'm too busy chasing after ungrateful nigga's (*cough* D.V. *cough*) to really notice or even care. So what do you do?

P.S. Sad news: Prof. Stromswold won't change my grade. *Tear* Another f'in semester. And my last shot at redemption. Now to tell the madre.......pray for me y'all.

D.Y.F.A.M. ♥ (Don't You Forget About Me)

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April Rose said...

The first one is gat.... If that's who I think it is lol.

The second one.. Uh.. =/ I love him, so I won't comment haha. But honestly it ain't like you didn't let him know what it is.

The third one.. Really? You thought he was cuter before? Maybe it's because I speak to him more now, but I think he looks better now.. and a lot more friendly and less lonely lmao.

Dizzy♥ said...

Maybe cuz I looked at his pics on Facebook and TRUST, if he does look better now, them jawns are not helping him out, not one bit. Lmao