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Beauty Book: Pop EyeShadow

10.30.2009 by Dizzy♥

Uber-Excited!!! Just got back form ULTA. Mind you, I went to try to find a shimmery gold eyeshadow for tomorrow nite (which I did - BareMinerals in 'Summer' I believe and  the L'oreal H.I.P. in 'Gilded'). BUUUUUTTTTTTTTT as I was still walking around the aisles, my eyez came across this beauty:

This is Pop Beauty's 'Day To Play Clutch' palette with 18 GORGEOUS and actually rich colors. I was just saying to myself how I needed a palette in my life, too. hehe Only thing is it DIDN'T HAVE GOLD! :,-( But did that stop me from buying it? Of course not! Plz believe I will be playing with these colors immediately (pics to come!) As for my gold? Eh, one of the sis's should have a shade. :-p


by Dizzy♥

Little inspiration from listening to "Oh My God".

Cheating: Venus vs. Mars

10.27.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, this is a topic me & the boyfriend heavily discuss every so often. More specifically - whom is more inclined to cheat - men or women?

His take is that he's known of the sweetest, nicest, most "innocent" gurls who end up doing the most scandalous shit with different dudes, despite the fact that they're wifed up. Basically, he feels as though there are very few faithful individuals left in the world.

I, on the other hand, believe deep down that each of us (male or female) holds the capacity not to cheat on our significant others and ALWAYS feel some type of way when dudes drop the "It's hard to stay faithful" bs line. NEWSFLASH: IT'S NOT! JUST CHILL THE FxCK OUT!!! lol. But to speak more critically, in my opinion, women outnumber men in this world, so the numbers would say MEN are more inclined to cheat just because the opportunity presents itself a little more often {just to play devil's advocate}.

Honestly, I've found in my personal experiences one sex isn't more inclined than the other. We're all human and when ppl start getting lonely, or unsatisfied sexually, or frustrated or just plain ass unhappy - that's when rash decisions are made. And these are all thingz that both men and women don't generally care for.

I will say though, men can be a little sloppy/stupid with theirs and are more likely to get caught lol. (Jus my opinion & becuz I'm a gurl :-p)

Weezy F. ~ Run This Town Freestyle

by Dizzy♥

Morning luvs. For all those who aren't sick of the sampled 'Run This Town' production by Jay {including me =)}, I stumbled upon Lil' Wayne's take on it. Enjoy:

Beauty Book ~ Seeing Green

10.26.2009 by Dizzy♥

So, here's a green look I tried for me & the hubby's 1-month yesterday. (Yes, I said 1-month lol). Survey says: It's a keeper!

I used:
1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer
2. Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Urb, near my lashline
3. I actually used a dark green liner pencil for the next line up, Milani eyeliner in Green Glamour
4. For my crease, I used the 'crease' color from the Maybelline Expert Eyes Natural Smokes quad (an absolute must-have)
5. And finished everything off with Maybelline Colossal Mascara (the absolute BEST mascara I've ever tried! And trust, I've had plenty :-p)

So there you have it. All the gurliez loved it. Sorry the pic is a bit blurry. Love ya ♥

Craving: Chocolate

10.22.2009 by Dizzy♥

I'm sitting in the back of my Phonetics class, half-listening to Prof. Kawahara showing us all these slides of spectrograms and all I keep thinking is "I SO want chocolate.....I REALLY want a chocolate bar right now....Damn I want chocolate". Lol

Ironic that the boyfriend is quite chocolate-complected himself. Hehe. Idk....prob becuz my monthly's expected to be here by the weekend.

......Oh ~ and he's letting us out dumb early?! U already know. =)

Rihanna - Russian Roulette

by Dizzy♥

I feel like this song just dropped yesterday and ALREADY there's controversy. Lol.

Tiffany Evans apparently went in yesterday about how suicide rates are gonna skyrocket now, and so many stars sell their souls to the devil and cluck-cluck-cluck and bluck-bluck-bluck and you get the point.

Honestly, after finally listening to the track - I can see why it could be misconstrued as a "suicide track" but I actually like her voice on it. Does that mean I'm gonna go slit my wrists now? NO!

But you be the judge:
Rihanna - Russian Roulette


The Saint & The Sinner - BabyMaker Edition

by Dizzy♥

So apparently, like I so predicted, Kimmy-K is supposedly on a mission to start poppin out the kiddies very soon - within the year to be exact. Kim claims she "always thought she'd be married with 1 kid by the time she was 30" {and she's 29}. Of course, this new mission was supposedly spawned in part with the marriage of her baby sister Khloe and her mommy-to-be older sister Kourtney.

Here's my thing: You run your life how YOU see fit - NOT because 2 of your sisters have major life changes going on. Now, I understand how you can clearly feel like you need a change too but seriously, she obviously is the Kardashian with the most shine right now - she clearly doesn't need a "major change" that comes with a marriage or baby.

And also, if you have to {or like to} go engagement ring shopping - WITHOUT REGGIE - maybe you should just relax for a bit. Just maybe.